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Aabha app will now give you instant entry into the doctor’s room, understand how? – up news aabha app launched in gorakhpur aiims



Pramod Pal, Gorakhpur: Patients in Gorakhpur and surrounding areas will no longer need to queue for prescriptions to see the doctor. Because Aura is going to prove to be a boon for them, yes let us tell you that Aura is an application which has been launched in Gorakhpur AIIMS, through this application you will be able to register and get the pink color form immediately at the counter And it will give you an instant entrance to the doctor. After being launched in AIIMS, this facility has also been launched in the district hospital and medical college.

New initiative will be effective for patients

Gorakhpur AIIMS has launched a new initiative to provide comfort to its patients by launching a new initiative. Under which patients will now have to download the Abha app on their mobile. Through which their registration will be done immediately, through this, the patient will receive a barcode number, using this barcode number, you can go to the counter and get the pink slip, and on the based on this, you will immediately go to the OPD and enter the doctor’s room. . Along with its introduction in AIIMS, this facility has also started in the district hospital and medical college.

What does the Director of AIIMS, Dr. Surekha Kishore, say?

AIIMS Director Dr. Surekha Kishore said that this app has been prepared for the convenience of patients. After downloading it on your mobile, it will need to be registered with Aadhaar card and mobile number. You can get the installation by registering through this app. At present, this facility has been made available on this app. In the coming times, other types of facilities will also be made available to patients through the app.

Dr Surekha said the Abha app has been launched. MBBS, students, doctors, staff and guards will also be trained in this. Dr. Surekha says that in the coming times, pathology and other departments will also be connected to this facility.

How will the Abha portal work?

Patients need to download the Abha app on their mobile phone to get prescriptions through Abha. After that, registration will have to be done with Aadhaar card and mobile number. Abha’s QR code will be displayed at the main gate of the hospital. He will get an account number as soon as he scans it from the app, the patient will need to provide this number at the prescription counter. The employee at the counter will enter the computer number, after which the patient’s Aadhaar card information will appear on the screen.

After asking the patient about the disease, a form will be printed out and will tell him the number of the relevant department and doctor’s room. After that, the patient will go to the doctor, where all his history will be present on the doctor’s computer. One of the advantages of this facility is that you won’t need to carry your reports or prescriptions. Whenever you meet the doctor, your complete history will be available in front of him, which will make it easier for the doctor to attend.