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Abbas Ansari Kasganj Jail: In Kasganj Jail, security personnel wearing drones and body-worn cameras will keep tabs on MP Abbas Ansari.



Kasganj: Security at Kasganj prison in Uttar Pradesh has suddenly been tightened. The reason is that the son of Mukhtar Ansari and MLA Mau Abbas Ansari was brought here. Abbas Ansari was transferred from Chitrakoot prison to Kasganj prison. Now, arrangements have been made to closely monitor the activities of Abbas Ansari. The prison transfer order came after the case of illegal encounter with his wife Nikhat Ansari at Chitrakoot prison. They reached Kasganj from Chitrakoot. Now its surveillance system has been improved in Kasganj prison. Preparations have been made to install drone cameras to monitor Mau Abbas MP Ansari. Apart from this, preparations have been made to equip captive guards deployed in Abbas’ barracks with body-worn cameras.

The guards who will be posted under the security of Abbas Ansari will do their duty wearing a robe with a body worn camera. It will be recorded in the control room built in the prison. Officers seated in the video wall installed at Lucknow prison headquarters will also be able to keep an eye on Abbas’ activities at all times. On Monday, DG Jail Anand Kumar issued orders in this regard. After that, preparations were launched to increase their surveillance.
While detained in Chitrakoot prison, he had an illegal meeting with Nikhat, wife of MP Mau Abbas Ansari. During the Chitrakoot DM and SP raid, Abbas Ansari’s wife, Nikhat, was found with a mobile phone and other prohibited items.

Abbas Ansari was transferred to Kasganj prison after the illegal meeting with his wife was revealed. DG Jail Anand Kumar said to monitor Abbas closely, a drone camera will be installed in Kasganj prison. This camera will keep an eye on the activities inside the prison by staying in the air. He will be monitored from prison headquarters. DG Jail said that 5 body-worn cameras were provided to Kasganj prison administration.

Delegated guards in Abbas’ barracks will have to do their duty wearing uniforms equipped with body-worn cameras. Apart from this, the guards stationed at the meeting house, the main gate of the prison and other sensitive places will also do their duty by wearing the uniform equipped with this hot camera. There will also be a recording of it. The duty of the guards under the supervision of Abbas will be by list. The duty of the captive guards will be changed every month. Prison guards and officers with a flamboyant and clean image have been ordered to be deployed to Abbas’ safety.