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Abbas Ansari moved from Chitrakoot prison to Kasganj after his wife met him



Kasganj: The prison of Abbas Ansari, son of mafia Mukhtar Ansari and himself deputy of the seat of Mau Sadar, has been modified. Ansari, who was previously detained in Chitrakoot prison, was sent to Kasganj prison on Wednesday. His wife Nikhat Ansari used to visit Abbas inside the prison illegally without entry. Now husband and wife are separated hundreds of miles from each other.

On Wednesday, under strict security measures, Abbas was sent to Kasganj prison, hundreds of kilometers from Chitrakoot. The government changed the prison of party MP Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj and Mukhtar Ansari’s son, Abbas Ansari, who was incarcerated in Chitrakoot district prison. Abbas was transferred on Wednesday from Chitrakoot district prison to Kasganj district prison.

In fact, Chitrakoot SP had recently conducted a surprise raid on the district jail. During the raid, MLA Abbas was found with his wife Nikhat Ansari in the prison premises. Mobiles and other prohibited items were also found in Nikhat. After the raid, the Chitrakoot district administration sent a report to the government, in which the local administration asked to change Abbas’ prison.

Abbas Ansari and his wife Nikhat used to meet for hours in a separate room in Chitrakoot prison. Now how this news got to the UP government has been revealed. According to reports, instead of calling his wife in prison, Abbas Ansari was sending a huge amount of money to prison staff. There was a dispute between the prison staff regarding the distribution of this money and a prison employee complained to the district administration. After that, the raid was made.