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After dinesh khatik now another Yogi minister asked about officers, said…don’t listen – after dinesh khatik now sanjay nishad asked about officers



Lucknow: The issue of the rebellion of Dinesh Khatik, Minister of State in the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh, continues to grow. On the one hand, while the opposition attacks the Yogi government, on the other hand, there has been a stir from Lucknow to Delhi since the resignation. Meanwhile, according to reports, Dinesh Khatik after meeting BJP Chairman JP Nadda in Delhi on Wednesday night has now arrived in Lucknow to meet with CM Yogi. At the same time, in the meantime, Yogi government cabinet minister Sanjay Nishad made a big statement regarding the officials.

targeted officers
Yogi Government Cabinet Minister and Nishad Party Chairman Sanjay Nishad said that I will thank Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP Chairman JP Nadda and CM Yogi for the development work of the State and of our department continues under their direction. At the same time, while targeting officers, he said that there are officers who are elephants, cycles from within and lotuses from above. He said one fish pollutes the whole pond, there can be 2-4 agents like this. Information about these people is given at the top.

Sanjay Nishad praised CM Yogi
Sanjay Nishad gave fierce praise to CM Yogi. He said if anything happened, CM Yogi would investigate about it. If someone is found guilty, action is taken against them. At the same time, in the case of Dinesh Khatik, he said that if such an episode occurs, our senior management will take a decision. At the same time, the minister said that there was no discussion about this at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Respect to every section of this government – Sanjay Nishad

In Lucknow on Thursday, Minister Sanjay Nishad said if Dinesh Khatik had not been given respect he would not have been in the ministry and team today. If there had been no respect, they would not have had the opportunity to convey things to Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah. Along with this, the minister claimed that there is no such section in this government, which is not respected. At the same time, he said about the transfer of his department that he gave instructions to the officers regarding the transfer policy of the government. Some employees are expressing their grief, instructions have been given to officials on this as well.

The minister indicated in the letter the reason for his resignation
Note that a resignation letter from the Yogi government’s Minister of State, Dinesh Khatik, went viral on Wednesday, in which he wrote a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah giving the reason for his resignation. In the letter, the minister had made all sorts of allegations against the officers of his ministry. Dinesh Khatik wrote in the letter that as Minister of State for the Dalit Community of Jal Shakti Department, no action is taken on his orders. They are also not informed of the ongoing programs in the department and the actions taken on them. He alleged that Uttar Pradesh government officers insult Dalits. He called Anil Garg, principal secretary of the irrigation department about some business, but he unplugged the phone without listening. He is a Dalit caste minister, so he is heavily discriminated against in the department.
Entrance – Abhay Singh

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