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Agra Building Collapse: Four houses collapsed in Agra after 4-year-old girl died in Lucknow… CM Yogi’s eye – agra four houses collapsed accident on station road cm yogi eye team engaged in the evacuation of all live updates



Agra Building Collapse News: A case of multiple house collapse has been revealed in Agra. It is said that many people were injured in this great accident. The speeches of three people rescued so far come to the fore. It is said that the accident happened due to the excavation.

Agra building collapse

strong points

  • Case of four house collapse discovered in Agra, accident happened due to excavation
  • For fear of being buried under the rubble of five people, the administration tried to evacuate all
  • Case of two girls buried in Agra construction accident, City Station Road incident
Agra: A case of four houses collapsing has been revealed in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. CM Yogi Adityanath became aware of the case after a major accident in Agra. Officers were ordered to the scene. The police and administration teams arrived on the spot. So far, 2 people have been rescued. Instructions were given to expedite the rescue operation. It comes to mind that the incident happened due to the excavation. The accident took place due to ongoing construction works in Dharamsala. Excavations were in progress during the construction of Dharamshala on City Station Road. In this sequence, four houses have collapsed. Three people are believed to be buried there. Action has now been launched on this whole issue at the level of the administration and the government. Three wounded were evacuated. One of the girls died.

The building collapsed on Thursday morning in the Ghatiya Azam Khan area of ​​City Station Road in Agra. Five people are feared trapped under the rubble of the building. A crowd of locals gathered. The people buried under the rubble are extracted. The rescue operation continues by closing the road to the administration. Five people are feared trapped under the rubble due to the collapse of the dilapidated building, City Station Road has been closed. Alongside the local population, the police lead the rescue operation. Two people were pulled out of the rubble. A large crowd of people gathered.

A child died in the incident

Due to the excavation during the construction of Dharamshala near Dhuliaganj Basant Talkies near Agra Station Road, the issue of the accident comes to the fore. In this incident, the case of three buried people was revealed. Mukesh Sharma lived with his family in a house built above Dharamshala. Rushali, a 4-year-old girl, died in this accident. She was also a victim of the accident. It was removed. About 7-8 houses collapsed in Dharamshala. According to the information received, the device had been digging in the basement of Dharamshala since May itself. Mukesh Sharma said three people were buried in the accident. Vivek, 32, had head, hand and foot injuries. A six-year-old girl was admitted to hospital in an injured condition during the incident.

Report of three injured in the incident

After the construction of the house at Agra Station Road, the administrative team arrived at the scene. CM Yogi Adityanath ordered the officers to go there. After that, a large number of officers arrived there. Work to evacuate the wounded has begun. The administration said that all the injured had been evacuated. A girl is also among the injured. An investigation has been opened into the cause of the incident. Actions have been taken on behalf of the administration against those responsible. On the other hand, after the accident at Alaya apartment in Lucknow on Tuesday night, this incident in Agra put the administration to the administration in active mode. (Entrance: Sunil Saket)

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