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Agra: Mother was beaten to death with a spider web, then son apologized by sending video to father and sister, this was the reason



Agra Murder Crime News: A young man brutally murdered his mother in Agra, UP. The son beat the mother to death with a whistle. After that, sending a video to his father and sister, they recounted the murder and began to apologize.

son murder mother send video father sister apologized
His son brutally murdered his mother in Agra

strong points

  • Kayugi’s son killed his mother in Agra
  • beaten to death
  • Apologized to father and sister by sending video after murder
Sunil Saket, Agra: A startling case has been revealed in the town of Jagner in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A son Kalyugi, a drug addict, killed his mother by beating her with a cobbler for money and jewelry. Shortly after the murder, he felt remorse and made a video apologizing to his mother and sent it to his father and sister. He also named other people in the video. The police are looking for the killer.

Subhash Bindal owns a building materials store in the town of Jagner. Subhash has a son Shivam and a daughter Shivani. Shivani is married in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Subhash told police he came to Agra on Wednesday to buy goods for the store. He is survived by his wife Sunita (46) and his son Shivam at home. When the video reached him, he was stunned. He called his wife Sunita, but the phone was not received. After that, he called the neighbor to talk. When the neighbor reached Subhash’s house, it was locked.

apologized while making a video

When Shivani saw the video, she was shocked. He called his relative and his father. In the video where he apologized to his mother after the incident, he also named four other people involved in the incident. ACP Kheragarh Mahesh Kumar said the son killed the mother by hitting her with a heavy object. The police are looking for the accused Shivam and others.

Shivam was addicted to drugs

Shivani had informed the police of the incident. When the police arrived on the scene, Subhash Bindal’s house was locked outside. The lock was broken and Sunita’s body was found lying on the bed. There were wound marks on the head. The house’s almirah was open and money and jewelry were missing. Subhash Bindal told police that Shivam had become addicted to drugs.

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