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Agra News: 40 lakhs looted from hawala traders in Agra, four miscreants carried out the incident using firearms



Agra: Fearless miscreants continue to wreak havoc in Uttar Pradesh. On Friday, disbelievers looted Rs 40 lakh from Agra’s busiest market in broad daylight. The disbelievers took the businessmen hostage by force of firearm. They fled the scene after looting the money. After the incident, there was a stir in the market. Senior police officers including ADG Rajiv Krishna arrived at the scene. The police have not been able to trace the perpetrators so far. However, police officials say they collected CCTV footage. Many teams have been deployed, soon the incident will be revealed. Looted money is business hawala.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. Businessmen were doing their job as before in Tiwari Gali, the busiest market in Kotwali police station, when suddenly four thugs arrived and took the hawala traders hostage. At the sight of the weapon, there was a stir among the traders. The disbelievers looted 40 lakhs from the traders. It is said that the disbelievers plundered the money of many businessmen. Together, these are valued at Rs 40 lakh. ADG Rajiv Krishna said some people came to Kotwali Police Station around 2.15am and told police that four miscreants stole Rs 40 lakh from them by force of gun. Upon receiving the information, the police opened an investigation. Four teams have been deployed, soon the disbelievers will be caught.

rupee transactions
Rawatpara, Peepal Mandi, Tiwari Gali, Darasi are some of the busiest markets in the city. Here the money transaction is done. Traders transfer money from two numbers to another. This is called hawala business in common parlance. It is feared that the disbelievers were aware of this and committed the incident while pursuing the businessmen.

Millions of money arrive in less than an hour
Through hawala trade, traders immediately deliver hundreds of thousands of rupees to a person sitting at a distance from a place without any written reading. A businessman said that if a trader wants to send his 20 lakh rupees to Kolkata, then after deducting 4-5 thousand rupees, 20 lakh rupees are sent in one hour. Hawala traders are present in many major markets in Agra, which transfer money from two numbers.
Admission – Sunil Saket