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Agra News: Chief Constable’s mustache is such that agra ssp steps have ceased to be honored with a cash reward



During the parade on the Agra Reserve Police Line on Friday, SSP Police Chief Ramveer Singh received a citation for his magnificent mustache and strong turnout. Along with this, SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary also gave him a cash reward of two thousand.

Police Chief Ramveer Singh with SSP Agra
Agra: A police officer in Agra, Uttar Pradesh has been awarded for keeping his mustache well maintained and having a strong turnout. Impressed by the constable’s mustache, SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary presented him with a cash reward of two thousand and a citation. The SSP was at the parade ground on Friday. They suddenly stopped while inspecting the saluting police personnel. Police Chief Ramveer Singh’s mustache was the reason for his stay.

The parade took place in police lines on Friday morning. SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary received the salute. After that, he was on inspection at the Parade Ground. Meanwhile, his footsteps stopped abruptly. He noticed that Police Chief Ramveer Singh’s mustache looked better. Ramveer Singh wore his splendid uniform. He was praised for the strong turnout from Chief Constable Ramveer Singh. Along with this, he was rewarded with a citation and a cash prize of two thousand. ASP Satyanarayan was also present on this occasion.

Ramveer does the homework online
Ramveer Singh doing his duty in the reserve police line. RI Suresh Kumar said Ramveer Singh is always disciplined on the parade ground. Better to wear the police uniform. For a long time, he is famous in the police line for his mustache. He was very happy to be rewarded by the SSP. His mustache and price were discussed within the police department throughout the day.
Admission – Sunil Saket

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