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Agra News: Fake IAS officer caught by police cheated woman out of Rs 14 lakh in name of getting tender



Sunil Saket, Agra: Agra Police arrested a bogus IAS agent on Wednesday. A fake officer, who called himself an IAS officer, also cheated on a woman of 14 lakhs. The accused had tricked the woman into obtaining a tender in the field of child development and women’s welfare. It is alleged that when the victim asked for the money back, the defendant started threatening her. After four months on the woman’s complaint, the fake IAS agent was arrested by the police. A fake IAS ID card was also recovered from the accused.

Indresh Balyan, a resident of Vibhav Nagar in Agra, said Neetu Rana from Ghaziabad approached her to get the tender. Neetu told them that there is an IAS officer who will find a job for your daughter and you will earn money by sitting. Indresh had a 25-30 year relationship with Neetu. Due to which Indresh trusted him. To give the money, Neetu gave the phone number to the fake IAS agent. After that he came to Agra and took 6 lakh in cash and two checks of 4 lakh each from Indresh’s house. If in doubt, he immediately canceled the checks. When asked for the rest of the money, he began to threaten.

A fake officer came in a rented taxi

Indresh said that on October 10, Narayan Rao Pathanpura Ramnagar, the son of fake IAS officer Pankaj Rao, came to his house. At Neetu’s request, Indresh gave him the money and the check, but when he looked outside, he had come in a hired taxi. Seeing this, Indresh and her daughter became suspicious. He told Pankaj that you were such a great officer and that you came in a hired taxi, then he said he was not going to anyone’s house in a government vehicle. He said there is a joint secretary in the public works department. He gave offers to many people. You will also get dilwa. He also showed his fake IAS officer ID card to Indresh.

There were two Aadhaar cards

Pankaj Rao, who claimed to be an IAS officer, had given proof of identity with two different names. Police received two Aadhaar cards, PAN cards from the accused in the name of Pankaj Gupta s/o Narayan Gupta Jai ​​Bhootnath Wali Gali Pathanpura Ramnagar, Saharanpur and Pankaj Rao. Apart from this, a fake identity card was found in the name of the IAS agent, assistant secretary of the public works department. The accused was arrested by the police and sent to prison.

Neetu away from the grip of the police

Indresh said her husband Ashok Kumar died in Corona two years ago. He lived in Ghaziabad 25 years ago. Neetu Rana’s husband Anil Rana was a friend of her husband. That’s why he gave the money following Neetu’s words. Indresh says he named Neetu Rana in his complaint, but police did not catch her.