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Agra News In Agra husband got suspicious then wife started spying



Sunil Saket, Agra: Suspicious of her husband’s activities, the wife found a new way to spy on him. Under one pretext or another, she makes video calls to her husband 20 times a day, but each time he doesn’t pick up, her suspicions grow worse. The woman suspects that her husband is having an affair with another woman, hence his body language has changed. He comes home late every day. Does not give the correct answer when asked. The wife complained about her husband to the family counseling center. Both were summoned on Sunday. On persuasion of the councillor, no agreement could be reached between the two. The husband says that although they live together, they remain strangers to each other.

The case concerns the Thana Sadar region. A girl got married 8 months ago in the Sikandra region. The girl’s husband is a manager in a bank. The two live together in a house, but separation has arisen between the two. The woman alleges that her husband is having an affair with another woman. Because of which he comes home late and leaves without informing, while husband says she is spying on him. Throughout the day, the woman makes video calls to him 20 times a day under the guise of drinking tea, eating, sometimes asking for something else. Not only that, it also asks to send the location of the current place to know. He’s had enough of his wife’s antics. When asked to refuse all this, the woman complained to the family counseling center.

Before, she asked questions, now she spied.

Bank manager husband says everything was fine until three months of marriage. Sometimes there is more work in the bank. It’s late to go home. You have to talk to everyone. Previously, his wife questioned him about his lateness, but now she suspects him. This is the reason why she spies on him by video calling him repeatedly. Told woman several times, but she is not ready to accept. During the counseling, the counselor tried to calm them both down, but things couldn’t come to fruition.

If the cell phone was not given, the woman went to her mother’s.

UP’s wedding from Thana Etmaddaula region was 6 months ago in Sewla. Councilor Amit Gaur said that after 2 months of marriage, the wife asked the husband for a cell phone, but the husband refused to give it to her. My husband said no woman had a cell phone in my house. You will also not be mobile. Angered by this, the woman went to her maternal home. The woman has been at the maternal home for 4 months. The family counseling center was called on Sunday, but the agreement could not be reached. The two were given the next date. 60 couples were called to the family counseling center on Sunday, of which 20 couples attended. Of these, an agreement was reached between 4 couples and an FIR was ordered in 2 cases.