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Agra News: NSUI workers to burn Vice Chancellor’s effigy clash with police, student leaders warn…



Sunil Saket, Agra: Heckling and protests seem to have become commonplace at Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University in Agra. On the other hand, there was a clash with the police during the demonstration of the NSUI workers on Friday. The workers were trying to burn the effigy of the vice-chancellor. After getting the information, the police arrived on the scene and snatched it away from the NSUI workers. The demonstrators had been on an indefinite strike since Thursday to support their demands. Protesting student leaders warned that if their demands were not met, they would demonstrate outside the residence of the Minister of Higher Education.

NSUI State Vice President Gaurav Sharma said the university administration was unable to make decisions in the interests of students. The semester exams which should take place in the month of December do not start even after the end of February. Student union elections have been pending for a long time. The hostel is not under construction. He sat on an indefinite dharna regarding such 15-point issues.

Three student leaders were arrested

NSUI workers had been sitting on a dharna on the university campus since Thursday in support of their demands. At 9 p.m. on Thursday evening, the university’s chief supervisor, Manu Pratap Singh, called the police and arrested three people. Which includes Gaurav Sharma, Satish Sikarwar and Kuldeep Dixit. However, he was released after an hour. NSUI District Chairman Satish Sikarwar said teachers loyal to the ruling party feared they would be implicated in bogus cases. This is the reason why the police do not even allow them to demonstrate.

agency website down

NSUI State Deputy Chairman Gaurav Sharma said the online system had been blocked for 15 days. Students are facing issues in seeing results, getting grade sheets, diplomas, etc. Students are facing many difficulties due to the closure of the agency’s website. Exam controller Om Prakash says the online system has been fixed. Some reviews have already started. The rest of the exams will take place later.