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Agra News: RLD leader’s brother charged with murder, victim’s family raise questions over police action



On Tuesday, family members protested the killing of the salesman in Thana Sadar. Relatives allege that the police are making false disclosures. While the main killer is saved. Protesters warned they would only cremate the corpse after the killer was arrested.

Agra News: Agra RLD leader's brother charged with murder, victim's family raise questions over police action
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Sunil Saket, Agra: On Wednesday, family members created a row at Sadar police station demanding the arrest of the vendor’s killer. The demonstrators demanded the arrest of the main defendant, calling the police revelations false. People creating rowdiness have warned that if the accused is not arrested, the corpse will not be cremated. On Tuesday, the body of seller Manohar Sharma was found in the property dealer’s office.

What is the problem?

The body of Manohar Sharma (33) alias Bholu Pandit, a resident of Naubari in the Tajganj region, was found in the office of real estate dealer Annu Chahar on Tuesday. Manohar Sharma was shot in the head. The killers had taken the CCTV DVR installed in the office. Police believe Manohar Sharma was murdered in the office itself. Many people including Annu Chahar have been cited in this case. Station manager Neeraj Sharma said 4-5 people were detained for questioning. Annu Chahar is the brother of RLD leader Ajit Chahar.

I had to take six lakhs of lottery

Annu Chahar and Manohar Sharma were friends. Manohar Sharma was a salesman at Jio Mart. His older brother also works at Delhi Jio Mart. Manohar Sharma’s relative Vipin Parashar said Annu Chahar used to do lottery work with the property. Manohar had put his lottery ticket at Annu’s. The lottery was Rs 6 lakh. Manohar used to deposit his lottery money with Annu every month. Manohar had so far deposited around Rs 4 lakh with Annu. This time the lottery was offered by Manohar. He had to collect the lottery money. Annu and Manohar argued about it on Monday, the day before the murder. The next day, Tuesday, Annu Chahar called Manohar on the phone.

Suspicion of murder on Annu

Police found Manohar’s body on Tuesday afternoon in Annu Chahar’s office in Sewla Sarai. Manohar was shot in the head. Relatives say Manohar was assassinated by Annu Chahar. This family demands the arrest of Annu Chahar. Relatives named four people including Narayan Colony Sewla resident Annu Chahar, Saraswati Vihar resident Chetan, Nainana Brahmin Sadar resident Pramod alias Bhullan and Rajrai Tajganj resident Padmi. Deputy Police Commissioner Archana Singh said three teams had been formed to arrest the accused.

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