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Agra News: Skeleton of woman living alone in Agra’s Kothi has been found



Agra News in Hindi: In Agra, the skeleton of crores owner, who has been living a solitary life for 15 years, was recovered from Kothi. The North Vijay Nagar settlement incident in Agra has come to the fore. Now everyone is talking about this crores owner condition. Neighbors say they haven’t seen the woman outside since August.

The death of the women of Agra

strong points

  • A 65-year-old woman lived alone in Kothi after her mother’s death.
  • Nobody lived together for 15 years, not seen since August
  • Skeleton found after breaking Kothi lock, time of death also unclear
Sunil Saket, Agra: A case of finding a female skeleton has been discovered in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. It is said to be the skeleton of a 65-year-old woman, who lived in her kothi. The woman lived alone for about 15 years. There was no visible activity from him for about five months. When this information was given to the police, the skeleton was recovered. In fact, the woman started living with her mother after her father died. Mom also died 15 years ago. After that, she lived alone in a 500 square meter house. From time to time, she would go out to buy groceries. Since August 2022, no one has seen him come out. The neighbors haven’t seen his activity for a long time. The matter was reported to the police. On February 16, when the police broke the lock on her house, the woman’s skeleton was found. There were no more clothes on the body. No one has been informed of the woman’s death. After all, when the thread of his life would be lost, it would only be known by the autopsy report.

The woman lived in North Vijay Nagar

Nirmal Devi, 65, lived in Kothi number 67 of North Vijay Nagar settlement, Agra. She was not married. His father Gopal Singh had a fertilizer factory at Foundry Nagar. Father Gopal had remarried Hoshiyari Devi. She was the child of her father’s second wife. The children of the father’s first wife lived in Loni, Ghaziabad. Nirmal Devi lived in the posh colony of Agra, North Vijay Nagar. The kothi in which Nirmal Devi lived is worth crores. The police sent Nirmal’s body to the autopsy house. Police officials have expressed concern that Nirmal died about two months ago. However, neighbors say they haven’t seen him out for six months.

The distance was made with the half-siblings

Shashi Devi, a resident of North Vijay Nagar, says Nirmal Devi’s family had been living in this settlement for 50 years. He said that Nirmal’s parents used to walk around the colony in the evening. Nirmal was studying at that time. He did his doctorate at the University of Dayalbagh. After that, she also used to go and teach in a school. However, he did not marry. His father Gopal died 20 years ago. Her mother Hoshiyari Devi also died around 14-15 years ago. Since then, she lived alone. His half-siblings had distanced themselves from him.

Last seen in the month of Sawan

In the part of North Vijay Nagar settlement where Nirmal Devi lived, many luxurious mansions were built in this area. Nirmal Devi’s kothi was old. The woman who runs a department store near Kothi says she has been married for 6 years but has not seen Nirmal Devi more than 3-4 times. Virendra Kumar, who runs a general store a few houses before the Kothi of Nirmal Devi, said that he saw Nirmal Devi in ​​the month of Sawan. He even said hello to me.

Relatives returned a month and a half ago

Nirmal Devi’s half-brother, Ranveer Singh, who lives in Ghaziabad, said he came about a month and a half ago. He saw the house closed. He knocked for a long time on the door, but there was no answer. After that they came back. At the same time, the neighbors say that we had asked the police to inform. Even after that, no one informed the police. On February 16, once again, Ranveer Singh came with his whole family and informed the police. After that, when the police broke the lock, Nirmal’s skeleton was found.

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