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Aligarh: Imran’s three-and-a-half-foot height married the 3-foot khushboo



Aligarh: A married pair has become a talking point in Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh. Imran, a resident of Jeevagarh Gali No. 8 in Aligarh, got his wish for a wife when he met 22-year-old Khushboo. Imran, the youngest of seven siblings, was very short in stature, which made his family struggle a lot to find him a wife. Now Imran has found his life partner.

The height of Imran, 26, a resident of Jeevagarh, Aligarh, is around 3ft 4in. Due to his small stature, Imran did not get a wife of his stature. After the marriage of his siblings, the worker Imran lives with his mother and takes care of him and his mother by working in a hotel in Dodhpur. A few days ago, Imran also had his mother Birjis’ eye operated on. It has been said that even God helps those with good intentions. The same thing happened with Imran. Mother has heard of Khushboo, who is 3ft tall and lives in Patwari Nagla Bhagwangarh. He immediately approached her and gave his consent for the wedding.

Imran, a resident of Jeevagarh Gali No.8, married Khushboo, a resident of Patwari Nagla on Sunday. After getting married, the bride and groom are very happy with the family members. Imran’s older brother, Shahnawaz Khan, said the two were very happy with the marriage. Amir Rashid, who lives in the same neighborhood, said the above makes pairs and sends them. An example of which is the marriage of Imran and Khushbu. Imran and Khushboo are very happy with this bond.