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Allahabad High Court: Joined a day ago, grant 15 days of grace… High Court reprimanded Commissioner Prayagraj replied



Prayagraj: During the public interest litigation hearing in Allahabad High Court, Commissioner Prayagraj was summoned on Tuesday for failing to present Indira Bhavan’s pass card located on civil lines in court. During the hearing, the court asked that when the card is not near, where will the card be presented from. Note that Commissioner Vijay Vishwas Pant asked the court for 15 days, saying he would take charge on Monday, a day earlier.

Expressing its displeasure, the High Court set the next hearing for September 6. The motion is being heard by a divisional bench consisting of Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Justice JJ Munir. Lawyer Rajesh Singh of petitioner Mohammad Irshad alias Guddu said the court summoned Prayagraj Commissioner on Tuesday for failing to present Indira Bhavan’s approved card by the authority even after giving several opportunities. Expressing its displeasure, the court asked to remove the illegal occupation within 10 days and ordered to present the approved map at the next hearing.

The High Court sent a commissioner solicitor
Mohd Irshad alias Guddu filed a public interest complaint demanding that Indira Bhavan be made free from encroachment. It is said in the petition that the traders installed shutters by breaking the wall of the building without authorization. Illegal shops are operated by occupying the open space, podium, gallery of the building. There is no cleanliness system, due to which there is a lot of waste. There is a network of electric wires. The High Court had earlier sent the commissioner solicitor. The commissioner’s lawyer confirmed the allegations made in the petition.

Please advise that the office of Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) is located in the Indira Bhawan located on the civil line itself. When maps of houses, commercial buildings, etc. are approved throughout the city, but upon request of Indira Bhavan’s pass plan by the court, Indira Bhavan’s pass plan has not yet been presented to the court by the responsible officers.
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