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AMU: Aligarh Muslim University to study Sanatan Dharma, preparations underway at Islamic Studies Department



Aligarh: At the Department of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU-AMU), teaching of Sanatan Dharma will also be provided to graduate and post-graduate students. In this regard, Professor Mohammad Ismail, Chairman of the Department of Islamic Studies, wrote a letter to the Vice Chancellor. The letter stated that a new course was being launched in the Department of Islamic Studies, titled Comparative Religion (Sanatan Dharma). In this, the lessons of Sanatan Dharma will also be taught to the students of the university.

Umar Peerzada, head of public relations at Aligarh Muslim University, said that for the past 50 years, all classes of religions have been taught at UMA’s theology department. Now taking the same link, postgraduate students will be taught Sanatan Dharma at the Islamic Studies Department of Aligarh Muslim University. He added that WBU founder Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wanted students of all religions to receive an education at WBU. Considering all these things and to establish Hindu-Muslim unity, this decision was taken by the chairman of the department. Soon, students will also learn Sanatan Dharma at UMA’s Department of Islamic Studies.

PM Modi attended centenary celebrations
In the past, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a program of Aligarh Muslim University centenary celebrations. The Prime Minister had praised UMA. During this, the teachers of AMU had ferociously praised the Prime Minister. A large number of foreign students study at Aligarh Muslim University. Sanatan Dharma will also be taught to foreign students studying at the university.

Hinduwadi student leaders are welcomed Hindu student leaders say this is a historic milestone for AMU. Saurav Chaudhary said this step will help bind students of all religions together. People of other religions will also get information about Sanatan Dharma. We sincerely thank this new Vice-Chancellor and the President who made this decision.
Report – Lucky Sharma
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