An example for those who curse luck is the 27-year-old playful driving e-rickshaw adopting a child

An example for those who curse luck is the 27-year-old playful driving e-rickshaw adopting a child

New Delhi: ‘What to do, you don’t know how? Why does this only happen to us? Only your luck is bad, the one above is also trying to pass the test. What to do where am I going What can you do in such a situation? A person faced with the challenges of the situation often thinks so in despair. That’s what he says. But there are people like Chanchal Sharma who are struggling with the situation, coping and finding a new path for themselves. The 27-year-old from Noida is an example for those who curse luck.

Look at this picture. An innocent one-year-old stuck on his knees with the handle of an e-rickshaw in his hands. Watch out for the road. One may be shocked to see Chanchal Sharma, 27, for the first time. The reason is his profession. A profession in which a woman rarely enters. where men dominate. She runs an electric rickshaw in Noida, near the country’s capital, Delhi. Chanchal must have struggled with the issues mentioned at the beginning. But he was determined not to give up and with the same courage he broke through the mountain of challenges and found a way out for himself.

After her husband separated, Chanchal Sharma started living with her mother in their one-room house. My mother made a living selling onions on the handcart. No one could understand how life would turn out in the future. What will happen to the child, how will you take care of him? There were challenges, but Chanchal had his own goal. The goal is that she will not give her son a life like hers. Anything that has to be done sincerely for that, I will do.

Son Ankush was only a month and a half old when she started looking for a job. But the problem was that even if I had a job, where would I leave the child? I couldn’t even think of keeping the child in a creche or day care because it is very expensive. So thought that if you open a small clothing store, the child should not be left in anyone’s hands. Will take care of the child in the store itself. But where will the money come from to open the shop? Either way, what better challenge than failure. Eventually, Chanchal decided to drive an e-rickshaw instead of a job. I bought a rickshaw with a loan and started driving. Sticking the son to her chest through the belt, she started riding the e-rickshaw.

Chanchal told our Times of India affiliate newspaper: “I have no place to leave my son Ankush. My mother sells onions and my brother rarely stays at home. So I’m taking my son with me. He has three sisters and all are married. Chanchal says, “Whenever possible, I leave Ankush with my sisters or my mother. But this happens very rarely. Barely 2-3 days per month. They too are busy in their respective lives.

Driving an e-rickshaw with a child in the summer was not easy. Chanchal says: “The summer was very difficult. When I drove the electric rickshaw, he cried continuously. I used to do my best to leave him with my mother back then… But a child can’t stay away from his mother for long?

Chanchal, who dropped out in class 10, says she earns Rs 600-700 per day. Of this amount, Rs 300 goes to the loan taken out for the e-rickshaw. She drives an electric rickshaw on the 6.5 kilometer road between the National Institute of Biologicals in Sector 62, Sector 59 of Noida and Labor Chowk. Those who travel in his e-rickshaw rent him. Chanchal proved with his zeal that instead of cursing luck, facing the storms of life boldly, the path will come out. It will definitely come out.


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