Angry snake death in Mahoba, took revenge like this, will be shocked to read the story

Angry snake death in Mahoba, took revenge like this, will be shocked to read the story

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In the village of Salarpur, the young man killed the snake with a stick.
An angry snake came in the night and bit the young man.

Mahoba. In Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, news of the revenge of the serpent was revealed in the month of Sawan. The snake, which was defeated by the neck of Lord Shiva, was killed by a rural youth. It is said that the snake took revenge on the snake and put the young man to sleep. Once this event may not be believed, but according to the villagers, it happened. The serpent avenged the death of the serpent.

In fact, in the month of Sawan, in the house of Ramesh Rajput, who lived in the village of Salarpur in Mahoba, a couple from Nag Nagin came. Seeing the snake, Ramesh Rajput’s wife came to the neighbor and asked for help. After that, Pradeep Kumar went to Ramesh Rajput and hit Nag with a stick so badly that he died there. It is said that the enraged serpent went to Pradeep’s house to avenge Nag’s death and attacked and put him to death.

It is auspicious that the couple snake – snake
Here, when the son dies, the family is in a bad state crying. At the same time, after avenging the snake’s death, the snake disappeared somewhere in the forests. Due to this incident, there is an atmosphere of panic in the village about the snake. It is believed to be very auspicious to see Nag Naagin together in the month of Sawan. But the youth of Bundelkhand targeted the defeat of Lord Bholenath’s throat with their staff and slew him mercilessly. In such a situation, the snake took revenge on the young man.

The young man had the feeling of something untoward
Reportedly, when Pradeep Kumar came after killing Nag, he realized something was wrong with him. He told his family that I had done wrong and maybe I should face the consequences. While the young man was sleeping, the snake came and bit him. Pradeep had died that very night from the poison. According to family members, the snake entered the house and left from there targeting Pradeep directly.

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