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Anil Shukla on Kanpur Dehat Kand: Describing the family members of the victims as accused in the Kanpur Dehat incident, the husband of State Minister Pratibha Shukla, Anil Shukla spoke of implicating innocent people.



Kanpur Dehat: The controversial statement by the husband of Pratibha Shukla, Minister of State in the Government of Uttar Pradesh, has come to the fore. In the Kanpur Dehat incident, he questioned the nature of women. He said women tend to set fires. The husband of Minister of State Pratibha Sakta and former MP Anil Shukla Warsi has made a controversial statement. He said the family was responsible for the fire. Because of this, the mother-daughter died. Moreover, under pressure from senior officers, bad measures were taken against innocent people. This controversial statement by the husband of the Minister of State on the death of a mother-daughter during a bulldozer action in Kanpur Dehat has started to heat up.

Anil Shukla Bharti said in this regard that in the Kanpur Dehat fire case, the mother-daughter died through the fault of the family. He added that bad deeds were taken against innocent people under pressure from high officials. Warsi accused the police of not acting in accordance with the law when they knew the facts. Compensation was also given to those who did bad things to help the vote bank. Minister of State Pratibha Shukla’s husband didn’t stop there. He said there is a tendency to fire women.

Anil Shukla insisted the mother-daughter took her own life. Accusing the victim’s family, he said there was illegal occupation. People were doing bad things. After that, he committed suicide. Innocent people who do their duty while suppressing encroachments are sent to prison. The defendants receive compensation. People are starting to persuade them. Give them money Then deposit an FIR. On those who have no fault, who do their duty. You send them to jail.

Anil Shukla Warsi won the 2007 Bilhaur Lok Sabha elections on a BSP ticket. In 2014, also contested on the BJP ticket and lost, Warsi’s wife, Pratibha Shukla, is Minister of State in the Yogi government. Previously, the Minister of State had entrusted the DM with responsibility for the death of the mother-daughter. Pratibha Shukla alleged the DM’s refusal to help the victims. He called it sad. Told to repent for saving the lives of mother and daughter. Now her husband is making controversial statements about women.