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Animal Chocolate will improve milk production Krishi Vigyan Kendra



Report – Nikhil Tyagi

Saharpur. A special program is running for the youth of UP’s harapur. IK Kushwaha, head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Saharanpur, said a five-day self-employment training program is underway for rural youths at the premises of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Within this framework, training is provided to unemployed young people under 40 years of age. He said that in this training, complete information about the method of making animal chocolate and animal feeding is given to the youngsters.
Kushwaha said animals don’t get enough nutrients in rural areas. At the same time, there is a lack of information among villagers and livestock herders on the amount of energy, protein, minerals, salt, etc., hence the need for a program. He said the main animal-related problem in rural areas is animal pregnancy. After about five months of pregnancy, this chocolate is important for the pregnant animal, thanks to which all nutrients are supplied.

Chocolate recipe
Dr. Manoj Singh said that 6 things are needed to make chocolate for animals. Chocolate is made from wheat bran, urea, molasses, cement, a mixture of minerals and salt. Their quantity has also been fixed in the manufacture of chocolate, in which this chocolate is composed of 40% wheat bran, 38% molasses, 10% urea, 10% cement, 1% salt and 1% mineral mixture. 5 kg of cement and other things are well mixed in 2 liters of water. After mixing the bran, two kilos were put into the machine and pressed. After that, it is dried for a week.

How to give this chocolate to animals
Dr Manoj Singh said farmers should give this chocolate to animals over a year old. Up to 300 grams of this chocolate is given to the animal, which has a greater effect on the milk-giving animal. The use of this chocolate increases the amount of animal milk. Dr. Manoj said that this chocolate is very useful in the disease of the animal whose uterus comes out during pregnancy. Chocolate is helpful in getting rid of this problem. Along with this, animal health also remains good.

This chocolate recipe is developed by IBRI Veterinary Research
Dr Manoj Singh said the chocolate method was developed by IBRI Veterinary Research Bareilly. He said that it is only by this method that we make this chocolate for our farmers and also give his training to the youths under the self-employment program.

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