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Appointment of Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University in High Court, RTI Activist Challenges Sangeeta Srivastava



Prayagraj: There has been a challenge in the High Court against the appointment of Professor Sangeeta Srivastava as Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University. Calling his appointment illegal, an RTI activist filed a petition seeking his removal by disqualification. Along with this, Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh wrote a letter to raise issues during the House Zero Hour.

Calling for the issue to be raised during Question Time, AAP MP Sanjay Singh wrote: “To become vice-chancellor of a central university, one must complete the 10-year tenure as a professor. This rule has been ignored by the government when appointing Professor Sangeeta Srivastava. Earlier, his appointment as assistant professor was also suspicious. This is against the dignity of Allahabad University, which is called the Oxford of the Is and a violation of constitutional values.

Sanjay Singh’s letter

A bench of Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Justice JJ Munir heard the petition against Vice Chancellor Sangeeta Srivastava in the High Court. Even before that, a petition was filed against Professor Sangeeta Srivastava in the District Court. However, this petition was rejected. It was said in the petition that Professor Sangeeta is not qualified to be Vice Chancellor as she does not even have the qualifications of a professor for a minimum period of 10 years.

However, in response to this objection, it was said that Prof. Sangeeta also served as Vice Chancellor of Rajju Bhaiya State University in the past. Professor Sangeeta was appointed Spokesperson for Home Science at Allahabad University in 2002. His appointment was also confirmed by Allahabad High Court and Supreme Court.