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ARM suspended from Hamirpur Transport Corporation



Pankaj Mishra, Hamirpur: The Yogi government on Tuesday took a big step to deal a major blow to revenue by charging ticketless on buses from the Hamirpur Transport Corporation depot in Uttar Pradesh. There has been a stir among roadworkers over the order to suspend the ARM here with immediate effect and conduct a departmental investigation. ARMs have been deployed for many years.

A few days ago, in Hamirpur district, the law enforcement team carried out a random check of Mahoba Depot bus UP.95AT-0108 near Chirka village in which 34 passengers were caught on train to travel without a ticket.

There were 56 passengers on this bus. Transport Corporation Managing Director Sanjay Kumar reviewed the case of 34 passengers caught without a ticket in the Hamirpur depot area on the Mahoba depot bus. On the other hand, on Monday, the bus bound for Jhansi from Hamirpur depot was caught red-handed by Lucknow team on Orai road in Kurara region. Traffic Superintendent Arun Kumar’s law enforcement team caught 18 passengers traveling without tickets on bus UP.91T-3187 from Hamirpur depot.

There were 46 passengers on the bus. Among these, eight passengers from Hamirpur to Jolhupur tower, 10 passengers from Hamirpur to Kurara were found without ticket check. The operator Ravikant Rajak had collected a rate of Rs 7350 from passengers. Today the Managing Director suspended ARM Akeel Ahmed Khan of Hamirpur in a case of tax evasion by charging exorbitant rent. In the stay order, he asked ARM to reduce operating returns. As soon as the suspension order came, there was a commotion at the transport company’s Hamirpur depot.

The enforcement team had filed an FIR against the operator
TS Arun Kumar of Lucknow Enforcement Squad has filed a complaint under serious sections against the driver of Kurara police station for detaining eighteen passengers without tickets on the bus from Hamirpur depot traveling to Jhansi on the road to Orai in the Kurara region.

TS said the driver ripped up the itinerary form in one bound and misbehaved with them. RM Sandeep Aggarwal of Banda said law enforcement team caught 34 passengers traveling without tickets on Mahoba Depot bus in Hamirpur district over which a complaint was filed against driver and driver by Maudaha Kotwali.