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At Rae Bareli, the groom arrived by helicopter to pick up the bride.



In UP’s Rae Bareli, when the groom arrived home with the bride in a helicopter, a huge crowd of people gathered to watch. However, the helicopter arrived one hour later than scheduled.

Madhav Singh, Rae Baréli: In Rae Bareli district, Uttar Pradesh, the groom arrived by helicopter to pick up the bride. A crowd of people gathered to view the helicopter. During this time, elaborate security arrangements were also made. The case concerns the Paho village of Kheeron in the Rae Bareilly development area. Where for the first time the subject of the arrival of daughter-in-law by helicopter remained a subject of discussion in the region. A crowd of villagers had started gathering around the helipad built on the outskirts of Paho village around 10 a.m. on Friday, but as soon as the helicopter arrived at the helipad about an hour and forty-five minutes later the scheduled time, a huge crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of them. The newly married couple were welcomed according to customs.

The groom arrived to pick up the bride by helicopter

The motorcade of Abhishek Singh Rathore, son of Paho resident Ram Lakhan Singh Rathore, reached Jahnamau Kathgar village of Rae Bareli with great fanfare on Thursday evening. According to traditional customs, Abhishek Singh Rathore and newlywed Laxmi Singh took seven turns and accepted each other as husband and wife. At 11 a.m. on Friday, news of the newlyweds reaching the village of Paho by helicopter became a topic of discussion in the region.

Thousands of people were desperate to catch a glimpse

On Friday, about an hour before the scheduled time, thousands of men and women from many villages gathered near the helipad to catch a glimpse of the bride. For some reason Captain Lalit and Engineer Praveen Mishra reached Paho village by helicopter after about an hour of the scheduled time. Where Abhishek Singh’s sister, Neha Singh, Bua Rameshwari Singh and his mother Sarla Singh welcomed the bride according to custom.

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