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Atik Ahmed Gang: The Atik Ahmed gang gives a great message through criminal incidents, a message of supremacy even through the Umesh Pal murder case



Luck now: “Chamman has been kidnapped by some people, his life is in danger.” These are the excerpts from the telegram which was sent in 1991 by the close relatives of Chhamman, a resident of Allahabad from Mumbai to the police and UP administration along with the leadership. The search for Chhamman continued but he could not be found. Four days later, Chhamman’s body was found lying in Kareli police station area in Allahabad, 1425 km from Mumbai. Hunter’s marks were all over Chhamman’s body. The skin was torn off. Blood flowed from place to place. It was obvious that he had been brutally beaten before the murder.

The question arose that after kidnapping Chhamman from Mumbai, could he have been killed and dumped anywhere? After all, why was the corpse thrown away after being brought to Allahabad, 1425 km away? Some similar questions have been raised recently in Prayagraj (Allahabad), even after the broad daylight killing of Umesh Pal and his shooter who testified against Atiq Ahmed in filmic style. It came to people’s mind that despite knowing the serious consequences of the incident, Atiq’s son Asad made a daring incident with the gang members.

In fact, it is the hallmark of Atiq and his gang to create an empire of terror and to spread the message of supremacy through violence. Regardless of governments, Atik did what he thought. If the pages of Atiq’s crimes are turned, they are full of heinous crimes, brutality, and the infamous nexus of power and politics.

When directly threatened the police

Police were trying to catch Atiq in connection with Chhamman’s murder, but he could not be found. Meanwhile, there was an argument between Atiq’s brother, Ashraf, and Chhamman’s brother, who were studying at a college in Muthiganj. Afterwards this brother of Chhamman was kidnapped. As the police were preparing for the raid, a call was received on the Muthiganj police station landline. According to the police, Atiq himself was on the other side. He said where Chhamman’s brother was and said he was not killed like Chhamman, it was only explained. When the police arrived, he was found half dead and bleeding.

became honorable, strengthened the empire

Atiq’s name first appeared in a murder in 1979 when he was only 17 years old. His father Firoz kept a tonga at Allahabad station. While hooliganizing in the streets, Atiq came face to face with the infamous Chand Baba of Allahabad. Atiq’s chart started to rise with the help of people. When the police arrested him in 1986, an influential Delhi family recommended his release. In 1989, he challenged Chand Baba from the seat of Allahabad West and became an MP. A few months after he became honourable, Chand Baba was assassinated in broad daylight in the marketplace. The rest of his gang were also killed one by one.

Message to adversaries of each incident

The sensational murder of Umesh Pal is not Ateeq Ahmed’s first misadventure. In 2018, while he was incarcerated in Deoria prison, his gang members kidnapped a businessman residing in Krishna Nagar, Lucknow and brought him to Deoria prison. After torturing him there, his multimillion-dollar property was written off and his fortune was also taken away. CBI is investigating this matter. In this case, by order of the Supreme Court, Atiq Ahmed was transferred from Naini Prison of UP to Sabarmati Prison of Gujarat.

Even before that, Atiq and his gang killed Ashraf, a close associate of BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, to give his opponents a sense of supremacy and power. On the other hand, MP Raju Pal was shot dead after running for five kilometers until it was confirmed that he was no longer alive.

When Atiq was first arrested

According to retired DG RP Singh, after Chhamman’s murder and the kidnapping of his brother, he hatched a secret plan with ASP Anil Agarwal (currently DG Training). Then there was the era of cordless sets and landline telephones. The two officers only set this channel to wireless over which only they could message each other. Only the two of them knew where to attack. Two different teams attacked the houses of Atiq located in the town and the village.

ASP Anil Agarwal got clues about his presence there. The whole village was cordoned off and every house was searched, and finally Atiq was found by the police and arrested. According to then-SSP OPS Malik, this was the first time Atiq had been officially arrested.