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Atik Ahmed House Raid: Atik Ahmed’s house raided in Greater Noida, STF search operation in Sonepat and Ambala as well



Greater Noida: The investigation into the Umesh Pal murder case is ongoing in Prayagraj. In this sequence, the police team surveys the scene in search of Asad, son of the main accused Atiq Ahmed. Meanwhile, STF (Special Task Force) got word that Bahubali Atiq Ahmed’s house is in Sector 36. On Tuesday, STF reached the house and investigated and now Wednesday, LIU and police are questioning people. around. Investigation revealed that the main door outside the house had been locked for six years. Inside, the mason lives with the family, who enter and leave through the small gate. Apart from this, the police are also investigating whether there are any other assets of Atiq Ahmed in the city. Along with this, CCTV footage installed nearby also shows whether Atiq’s henchmen used to come here and stop.

After the murder of Umesh Pal and government gunman in Prayagraj, the police tighten their grip on Atiq and his relatives. In this episode, the investigation reached Greater Noida. I hope action will be taken soon. When the police and authorities get information about Atiq’s property in Greater Noida, the records are reviewed, suspecting his other properties as well. STF had learned of a house on a 90 meter plot in Sector 36. Mason Pappu was found in the house. He had lived with the family for six years. Four minors were also found living in this house. Pappu told police that six years ago someone left him for housekeeping, since then he has not returned. Pappu does not pay the rent for the house to anyone. He was cashing the electricity bill.

Raid to many places in Haryana as well

Asad Ahmed, the main defendant in the case of the murder of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj, is on the run. UP STF is looking for the accused. Sources said raids also took place in many parts of Haryana. The STF team raided several areas of Rohtak, Hathin adjoining Mewat, Nuh and Faridabad. The team received a lot of important information regarding Atiq Ahmed’s son, Asad Ahmed, and agents in these areas. The team is currently monitoring several other districts in Haryana, Sonipat and Ambala.

The team had received information that the accused in the Umesh Pal murder case entered Haryana from Prayagraj in UP via Kanpur via Mathura. After that, the team raided some places in Haryana. No arrests have been made from here after which the team is monitoring other towns in Haryana. Sources said the STF team camped at Rohtak on February 26-27.

Rohtak STF team got lots of important evidence and contributions regarding the Atiq goons after which the team raided Hathin region, Nuh district of Palwal and Dhauj and Dabua region of Faridabad . At this time, the team is also looking for these agents in Sonepat and Ambala.