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Atiq Ahmed admitted that Umesh Pal should not have been assassinated during the assembly session



It was claimed in some media that Atiq Ahmed confided in a close relative that this incident should not have happened during the assembly session. On the other hand, 15 Prayagraj police squads including STF attack Kolkata. Two shooters involved in this murder were killed during an encounter.

Atek Ahmed

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  • Atiq Ahmed agreed that Umesh’s murder should not have happened during the assembly
  • UP STF raids Kolkata in search of shooters in Umesh Pal murder case
  • It is said that all the shooters took refuge in the Yard area in Bengal.
Prayagraj: The fire from the murder of lawyer Umesh Pal in Prayagraj on February 24 is burning continuously. Every day there are new revelations about this. During the Vidhansabha session, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a very strong stance regarding this scandal. According to the media, the Atiq Ahmed gang now realizes its mistake. After the murder of Umesh Pal, Atiq Ahmed, imprisoned in Sabarmati prison in Gujarat, had contacted one of his relatives. In conversation, he admitted that this incident should not have happened during the session of the Legislative Assembly. Meanwhile, it is learned that the shooter who shot Umesh Pal is hiding somewhere in Kolkata. UP STF is raiding here.

It is feared that all the shooters have taken refuge in the Yard area in Bengal. Over 15 teams from STF, Prayagraj and other districts are active in the search for the killers. The police investigation revealed that after the murder of Umesh Pal, other shooters including Bambam Guddu Muslim and Ghulam had earlier gathered at a location in Saidabad district of Prayagraj. After that, they fled to different places.

Umesh Pal had taken 5 crores from Atiq to weaken his lobbying?

Significantly, Umesh Pal was an important witness in the murder case of BSP MP Raju Pal which took place 18 years ago. It also emerged that Umesh Pal took around five crore rupees in exchange for weakening his defense against Atiq Ahmed in court and later recanted. However, the police have no solid evidence of this. The Umesh Pal and Ateeq Ahmed gang had also settled regarding some disputed lands. Umesh Pal had also filed a lawsuit against Atiq and his accomplices for forcibly occupying land worth millions of dollars.

Preparation to bring Atiq from Gujarat prison to Prayagraj

Prayagraj Police are soon preparing to bring Atiq Ahmed from Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj on Warrant-B. Because of which he could be questioned about the murder. In this regard, the critic prepared the role of bringing Atiq to Prayagraj by cutting the papers. In the investigation, the police also received information that a big transaction of 5 crores took place between Atiq and Umesh Pal. Although this has not yet been confirmed. The police have the bank accounts investigated for this. Along with this, seven such deals related to Umesh Pal land are under investigation. The police are collecting information on all those people from Atiq’s gang who had joined Umesh Pal in the land business for some time.

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