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Atiq Ahmed gang killed Umesh Pal, what is the reason behind the case, the reason behind the murder of Umesh Pal Atiq ahmed news update



Prayagraj: A daring incident took place on February 24 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road, some miscreants started shooting and shelling. Umesh Pal was murdered after entering the street from the road. Along with this, 2 gunners also died. The echo of the incident was also heard in the assembly, where CM Yogi Adityanath was boiling with anger. The needle of suspicion went straight to Atiq Ahmed, currently incarcerated in a prison in Gujarat. Let’s understand why this murder took place last.

Eighteen years ago, Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf publicly killed Raju Pal in the same Prayagraj for losing assembly elections. There was a fight between the two. Umesh was not only a witness in this case, but was also the most important lawyer against Atiq Ahmed. Umesh was also staffed with two gunners from a security perspective. But at the same time, many other things are also highlighted.
Umesh Pal Murder: Preparation for a month and a half, Reiki 4 times, meeting with Atiq’s brother in prison… But the timing was huge!

Umesh took money for reconciliation?
According to sources, the gap between Atiq and Umesh had been bridged. Slowly, the two were getting closer. It is also said that Umesh had also demanded about 5 crores to weaken lobbying against Atiq. But after receiving the money, he went back on his promise. However, this thing only happens by word of mouth. There is no concrete evidence for this. Along with this, Umesh was determined with Atiq regarding some disputed lands.

Furious double cross Ateeq!
There is also an issue that Umesh was slowly trying to weaken Atiq. According to sources from the police department, Umesh had informed the police of Atiq’s hidden illegal and benami properties in many other places, including Lucknow. So far action has been taken finding Atiq’s property worth around Rs 1700 crore. Some time ago, police seized a property worth Rs 30 crore in Lucknow. This has been done at other places including Prayagraj.
Another Atiq shooter killed in the Umesh Pal murder case, Usman, who shot first, was killed by police in an encounter
The inhabitants of Atiq were affected
When Atiq realized that a double game was being played with him as a way of reconciliation by increasing closeness, he became furious. Umesh has also ventured into the real estate business. Along with Umesh, many people encroached on the lands of Atiq Ahmed’s relatives. The properties already occupied were uprooted. In this whole game, many people with Atiq have also been hit with crores of rupees.

After that, at the instigation of Atiq, a foolproof plan to eliminate Umesh began. For about a month and a half to two months, preparations had begun to implement this incident. Shooters were prepared, who also went to meet Ateeq’s brother, Ashraf, who is being held in Bareilly prison. Road Reiki outside Umesh Street was also done. And then on February 24, in the afternoon, Umesh Pal was shot dead in broad daylight and bombarded.
160 files registered against Atiq Ahmed and his family, will the police of CM Yogi really mix the mafia in the ground!
The incident happened while the budget session of the UP Assembly was underway. After that, CM Yogi Adityanath broke into the house. He talked about mixing the mafia into the ground. So far, two shooters involved in the incident have been encountered. The action of the bulldozers continues continuously on the property of relatives of Atiq. At the same time, the exercise to bring Atiq from Sabarmati prison to UP has started.