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Atiq Ahmed’s life became ‘hell’ of a college affair, not a murder, know this story apart from the Umesh Pal scandal



Lucknow/Prayagraj: After the murder case of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj, the Yogi government again started taking strict action against Atiq Ahmed. Preparations are also underway to bring Atiq Ahmed from Gujarat prison to UP, so that he can be questioned in the Umesh murder case. On the other hand, Atiq Ahmed’s family is also worried about meeting him. Now even a criminal with more than 100 registered cases is scared. Yes, that is another matter that till date, Ateeq Ahmad has not been punished in any way. Hearing and investigation of all cases are ongoing. One last thing is that Atiq Ahmed has been in prison for 6 years. The reason he went to jail was a college fight, after which Atiq was never able to get out.

The first murder case was registered against Atik Aham since 1997. After that date, around 100 cases were registered against Atiq Ahmed. He has a long list of serious crimes like murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion. Atiq has also been charged with the murder of Shokh Elahi alias Chand Baba of Allahabad in 1989, the murder of Nasson in 2002, the murder of BJP leader Ashraf in 2004 and the murder of former BSP MP Raju Pal in 2005.

Strength increased after Chand Baba’s murder

There was a fear of Chand Baba in Prayagraj i.e. Allahabad of the last days. Then Atiq Ahmed was around 20-22 years old. Ateeq was busy earning name and money fast. At that time, even the police were reluctant to enter Chand Baba’s area. Then Atiq Ahmed, a rising local criminal, gained support from the police and politicians. However, one day Chand Baba was murdered in cinematic style. The name of Atiq Ahmed was associated with it. After that, fear of Atiq reached not only Allahabad but also UP and neighboring states. Atiq was also arrested in 1986. But due to his reach, he did not have to stay in prison for long. Then Atiq entered active politics in 1989. During this time, Chand Baba was assassinated.

The whole story of the Raju Pal murder case

It is discussed that Atiq Ahmed and Raju Pal were once very close. However, there was a dispute between the two over one issue. After that, Raju Pal entered politics in 2002. When Atiq Ahmed became a Member of Parliament in 2004, Bhai Ashraf contested from the seat of Allahabad assembly. In this election, BSP gave a ticket to Raju Pal and he also won. On January 25, 2005, indiscriminate shots were fired at Raju Pal’s car. In this he got 19 balls. Raju Pal was attacked twice as he arrived at the hospital and died. In this case, a case was filed against Atiq Ahmed, his brother Ashraf and others. Umesh Pal was a witness in this case, who was recently murdered.

Mayawati had declared Atiq as the date

Atiq Ahmed’s name was also linked to the Lucknow guesthouse incident. Even after that, Atiq Ahmed continued to roam freely until 2007 despite numerous cases. As soon as Mayawati came to power the same year, the SP expelled Atiq Ahmed from the party. On the other hand, Mayawati started opening Atiq Ahmed’s files and he was declared the most wanted criminal.

Ateeq’s death has become a college-related case

Many serious criminal cases ranging from murder to murder have been registered against Atiq Ahmed. Even after that, he didn’t have to stay in prison for long. In 2016, SP gave a ticket to Atiq Ahmed for the election of Kanpur Cantt. In the run-up to the elections, Atiq and his followers reached Shiats College in Allahabad and there was fierce vandalism and fighting. A few days later, Akhilesh Yadav expelled Atiq from the party. Meanwhile, the High Court has ordered Atiq’s arrest in the Shiats College case. Atiq was arrested in February 2017. This is where Atiq Ahmed’s bad times started. The court rejected bail in all cases related to Atiq. On the other hand, the BJP Yogi government has come to the state. From then until today Atiq Ahmed is housed in prison.

Hard blow for the empire of Atiq

The Yogi government has so far taken action against the illegal assets of Atiq worth more than 1600 crores. Atiq’s mafia network was also broken to a greater extent than before. Meanwhile, Atiq’s brother Ashraf is also incarcerated in connection with the murder. Atiq has four sons, one of whom is in prison.