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Atique Ahmed Sister UP Police Allegation: UP Police will meet with Atique Ahmed after breaking him out of jail. Atiq’s family is deliberately involved, these allegations were made by his older sister Ayesha Noori during a press conference. Also said that UP Government Minister Nand Gopal Nandi had borrowed Rs 5 crore from Atiq Ahmed.

atic ahmed up police meet conspiracy
UP police will meet Atiq Ahmed, his sister made a big allegation
Luck now: Seeing the strict measures taken by the Yogi government in the Umesh Pal murder case, Atiq Ahmed’s family accuses the police in reverse. Atiq Ahmed’s sister, Ayesha Noori, said Prayagraj police arrested him at 3 a.m. Held in custody for three to four days. Many tortured. Policeman brother Atiq Ahmed and his younger brother can be released from prison and reunited. Shaista’s sister-in-law is also tortured. He was also falsely implicated. Also alleged that STF officials as well as UP police threatened that your brother (Atiq Ahmed) would not survive now. Former mayor Nand Gopal Nandi had borrowed five crore rupees from his brother Atiq.

Sister Ayesha Noori alleged that Nand Gopal Nandi failed to return the money. Abhilasha Nandi has been mayor of Nandi for 10 years, she doesn’t want her sister-in-law (Shaista) to run for office. Also said that no women are involved in a crime. Stepsister Shaista is completely innocent. Ayesha Noori appealed to CM Yogi and said he should take care of his brothers’ safety. Until there is a verdict on someone, he is not a criminal.

There is huge support with Atiq

Ayesha Noori said that Atiq Ahmed was four times MP and once MP. There is huge support with Atiq. Ayesha said doing politics is a crime, my sister in law also committed the same crime. He said the questioning of his brothers in the murder case should be heard via video link.

Akhilesh Yadav provoked CM Yogi

Ayesha Noori said the budget session of the assembly was underway when the Umesh Pal murder case took place. During the session, Akhilesh Yadav provoked CM Yogi a lot, after which he made a statement regarding the mixing of the criminals in the ground. After this UP STF officer, Amitabh Yash got every chance.

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