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Azamgarh News Women constables of the SP line took action in Azamgarh



In UP’s Azamgarh, female gendarmes were forced to line up. The SP took this action after being absent from the service.

Aman Gupta, Azamgarh: The administration does not want any problem regarding Holi. Strict instructions have been given to the agents on this subject. Azamgarh Police Superintendent Anurag Arya carried out a surprise inspection of the city’s police station on Friday evening. Meanwhile, many policewomen were not found on duty.

SP inspected Kotwali

A detailed investigation was carried out into the activities of the Kotwali Town Police. After investigation, Superintendent of Police Anurag Arya ordered the suspension of Madhusudan Chaurasia, who is in charge of the Kotwali area road outpost. The SP said it was suspended in connection with the theft of a bus passenger’s bag from the premises on the causeway. His role was deemed suspicious.

SP had the line spotted by the gendarme

Apart from this, the SP also inspected the women’s police station under the city police station. Many policewomen have been found absent from duty here. Those who were sent to the police station with immediate effect. The SP said that Kotwali is a sensitive area regarding the Holi festival so with the route board dial 112 and others have been reviewed and necessary action has been taken by making a list of those who have disputed around the Holi festival over the last 10 years It’s done.

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