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Baba bulldozer tattoo done on chest



Pankaj Mishra, Hamirpur: Yogi’s bulldozer in Uttar Pradesh has once again created a buzz among poor young people. Here in Hamirpur, a young man has taken a big step due to the thunder of bulldozers on mafia hideouts. He has Bulldozer Baba’s name tattooed on his chest. He said there has never been a CM like Yogi till date. This is why Yogi kept Adityanath in his bosom.

Vishal Kumar, a resident of Naubasta Mohal in the city of Hamirpur, comes from a very poor family. This young man picks up trash for his livelihood. Because of this, the expenses of his house also continue. Recently after the audacious incident of Prayagraj, the way Yogi Adityanath announced to mix the mafias into the ground, a lot of happiness is seen in this young man.

baba bulldozer tattooed on chest

baba bulldozer tattooed on chest

During the Prayagraj incident, this young man jumped for joy when bulldozers thundered at the hiding places of the culprits. He immediately got the name Bulldozer Baba tattooed on his chest. By taking such a big step, his family members and fellow citizens are also amazed.

Baba’s bulldozer is a symbol of justice
After getting Bulldozer Baba’s name tattooed on his chest, scavenger Vishal said that all of us poor people love Yogi Baba very much because his bulldozer is a symbol of justice. He said till now there has been no CM like Yogi in the state. It is such a CM with whom the poor do their work happily.

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