Babri’s party, Iqbal Ansari, has voiced its opposition to Namaz’s bid in the open, is that a big deal?

Babri’s party, Iqbal Ansari, has voiced its opposition to Namaz’s bid in the open, is that a big deal?

Strong points

Anger among Hindutva organizations over offering Namaz in public places
The demand for strict action against the Namazis has arisen

AyodhyaThe question of offering Namaz in the open in Uttar Pradesh does not end. From Lucknow to Prayagraj, Gorakhpur, there is resentment among Hindu organizations across the state for offering Namaz in the open air. From political figures to people associated with many religious organizations have openly opposed it. In this episode, the news now comes from Ayodhya, where there is a lot of resentment in Gorakhpur and Prayagraj over the Namaz offer in the open air. In Ayodhya, people on the Hindu side opposed it, while people on the Muslim side also oppose it.

Iqbal Ansari, who was part of the Babri Masjid, openly opposed Namaz’s offer. He said that when a government rule has been made, that rule should be followed as well as he called on members of the Muslim society not to do such work which would spoil the atmosphere. Ansari said we live in India and should follow India’s rules. Government rules and laws that have been made should be followed by people of all religions. People should offer namaz in mosques and inside their premises, one should avoid offering namaz in public places.

Demand the hanging of the Namazis
On the whole issue, Anish Khan aka Bablu, supporter of Ram Mandir strongly protested against Namaz offer to Prayagraj and called those who offer Namaz as terrorists. He said that it is the people who want to spoil the atmosphere of the country. Strict measures must be taken against these people. Anish Khan alias Bablu a follower of Ram temple demanded the hanging of people who offer Namaz to Prayagraj. He said such a punishment should be meted out to them, which should become an example so that no one will harm the country again.

Muslims follow Sharia
Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Ramlala, said rules have certainly been established but members of Muslim society do not follow them. Wherever it offers Namaz it shouldn’t. He said it is written in his Shariat to offer Namaz in the Masjid and if you want to offer Namaz in a public place then take permission first and then offer Namaz. Acharya Satyendra Das demanded from the government that there be a nationwide ban for such an incident. At the same time, he expressed his displeasure and said strict action should be taken against them.

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