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Bag full of coins, girlfriend with children, girl in yellow suit … what are these 6 mysteries in the murder of Umesh – umesh pal hatyakand atic ahmed news who is a girl yellow suit bag of coins girlfriend six mystery



Prayagraj: Chakia area in Prayagraj is making news for the murder of witness Umesh Pal and his two gunners in the Raju Pal murder case. After the murder, Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad, sniper Guddu Muslim and Armaan stayed in a house in the same neighborhood. He had weapons. Here the celebration took place in the house of a person named Munna. It is said that one person was so happy about the murder of the witness that he even gave out sweets. Seven shooters, including Asad, have been identified so far after scanning the CCTV footage, but no one has been arrested. Six days have passed. Directly in this murder case, the name of the imprisoned mafia Atiq Ahmed came to the fore. Look at the audacity of Atiq’s henchmen that not a single person had covered his face. Seeing this kind of bloody game in Sangam City, CM Yogi Adityanath said in a strict tone that he would mix this mafia into the ground.

When it came to “overturning the vehicle,” Atiq Ahmed reached the Supreme Court in fear. He wants him not to be transferred from Sabarmati prison to Prayagraj. Two days ago the police and STF killed the driver of the car in Prayagraj and yesterday, that is Wednesday, “Baba’s bulldozer” razed the white house of the close friend of Atiq, Zafar Ahmed. Read further six big things about this massacre, which are still a mystery to the police-STF.

1. Who was the one giving out the sweets?


Who derived so much happiness from the murder of Umesh Pal, who was distributing sweets. Indeed, the father of the history leafter, a Catahula resident, had celebrated. While his son himself has already been killed in a clash with the police. Many family members entered the world of crime. He had given sweets to his fraternity and to the people around him. It is said that he had a dispute with Umesh Pal over land. This too belongs to the Pal community.

2. Who is the girl in the yellow suit?


You must have seen the Prayagraj filming video. In the police investigation, all eyes were on the girl who recorded the video as she stood in the road, who stood fearlessly during the live shooting. Who was that girl in the yellow suit? The police have yet to find anything about him. Surprisingly, on Wednesday, as the house of Atiq’s close friend, Zafar Ahmed, was being demolished in Chakia, a young woman was also seen recording the video of the bulldozer action. When questioned, she escaped from the scooter. I doubt it’s the same girl.

On the evening of February 24, as gunfire erupted in the Sulemasarai area, a young woman in a yellow suit stood just behind the shooters’ car. All the others had fled. The road was empty but she continued to record the video. Another person is seen nearby. It is said that he may have been showing live video to Atiq and Ashraf through an app.

3. Secret of a bag of five and 10 rupee coins


When the bulldozer slammed into the house of a close friend of Atiq on Wednesday, two German rifles and a sword were found inside. A bag of Rs 5 and Rs 10 coins was also recovered from Asad’s room in Zafar’s house. The goods were sent to another place by making a list. It is not yet known when and by whom the air rifle was brought. Also, what were Atiq’s henchmen going to do with a bag of Rs 5 and Rs 10 coins? Why was it collected? The police are investigating.

4. Where is Abdul Kavi, the shooter on the run for 18 years


18 years have passed since the murder of Raju Pal, but the trial is not over yet. In the indictment for this murder, a shooter named Abdul Kavi is mentioned. He has not been captured till date. Raids were made in many places, but he could not be found. Abdul Kavi is a resident of Bhakhanda village of Sarai Akil in Kaushambi district. The CBI had also recounted Abdul Kavi’s hand in the killing of Raju Pal. Even though the police could not find Abdul, he actively participated in the election of Prime Minister. Until a few years ago, some people were talking about seeing Abdul. Although at this time the wife and family are living in the village, but there is no news of him.

5. What is the secret of the Muslim hostel?


Sadaqat implicated in the murder of Umesh Pal was arrested at a Muslim hostel. For this reason, this very old inn in Prayagraj has become famous. On Wednesday, the Intelligence team had reached the inn and the inspection was done. The murder plot hatched in room number 36 itself. Director Irfan Khan was questioned. The police also took some materials from the students living here. It is said that some people were living illegally in hostels, which are raided. The hostel has 110 rooms and has been allocated to 215 students. What is shocking is that 65 of these students are living illegally. Sadaqat is also one of them. Many students are stuck here illegally for many years. Sadakat is a resident of Gahmar in Ghazipur.

6. Guddu Muslim’s girlfriend with many children


The photo of Guddu Muslim wearing a white shirt riding a bicycle in Umesh Murder is going viral. In the investigation of the Special Task Force and the police, it was discovered that prior to the incident, Guddu had traveled to Shahganj to meet one of his girlfriends. His girlfriend has many children. Its role is also probed. Who is this girlfriend and what are her children doing? The police are trying to find answers to these questions.