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Bahraich News: Tiger took the 17-year-old girl to many villages scavenges the forest and fields



Azim Mirza, Bahrain: Every day a new story of human-wildlife conflict surfaces in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. In the latest incident, as soon as the student came out of the house with her mother to defecate, the tiger pulled her away from the hand pipe. Until 12 hours after the incident, neither the Forest Department team reached the spot and there was no trace of the girl. Hundreds of villagers from neighboring villages search for the girl in the sugar cane fields and the forest.

On Saturday evening, Vandana (17), a student in class 12, had gone to the toilet with her mother at Mangal Purwa in the village of Chahalwa around 9 p.m. Meanwhile, the coming tiger took her away from the mother’s eyes, and the mother continued to scream. At the mother’s request, the villagers continued to search for the whereabouts of the tiger, but nothing was found except for a slipper from the girl. Over time, the number of people also increased. A location has been visited several times but up to the time of writing no information could be found.

Divisional Forestry Officer Katarniaghat Akash Deep Badhawan said police from three police stations were called. The forest team is also about to reach. He said it’s hard to say now what happened. But the government elephants are being prepared and they will be studied in the forest.

The forestry department team is afraid to go to the incident site because a few days ago a tiger injured the people of Kathotia village and when the forestry team arrived there, the villagers broke the vehicle from the forestry department, the police After much effort, the lives of forestry personnel were saved.

The area where the incident happened last night was hit by tiger attacks, a few days ago from this area two cannibalistic tigers were imprisoned and one was sent to Lucknow Zoo, the other was released into the forest. Parashuram from the village said that 3-4 days ago, a violent animal took the goat while jumping into the house at night. Then it was not recognized whether it was a leopard or a tiger and tonight this incident happened, in which the police and the forest were informed, the police came but not the forestry team.