Bahubali Rajan Tiwari Arrested: Bahubali Rajan Tiwari Arrested, Bihar and UP Police Together Arrest Former MP

Bahubali Rajan Tiwari Arrested: Bahubali Rajan Tiwari Arrested, Bihar and UP Police Together Arrest Former MP

Motihari: Rajan Tiwari, the former Bahubali MP from Bihar, was arrested. In the joint action of Motihari Police and Uttar Pradesh Police, Rajan Tiwari was arrested in Raxaul area. Rajan Tiwari is said to have been arrested in Haraiya OP area. This arrest was made in the case at age 17. Rajan Tiwari is the former provincial deputy for Govindganj. Motihari SP Kumar Ashish has confirmed the arrest of Rajan Tiwari. SP Kumar Ashish said many cases were registered in Uttar Pradesh against Govindganj assembly constituency MP Rajan Tiwari. UP Police also announced a Rs 20,000 reward on Rajan Tiwari.

He said UP police team came here to arrest Rajan Tiwari. Bihar Police assisted him in this action. Bihar Police had intelligence that Rajan Tiwari is hiding in Haraiya OP neighborhood of Raxaul. After that, with the help of Haraiya OP Chairman, Uttar Pradesh Police arrested former MLA Rajan Tiwari. After the arrest of the former deputy, the UP police started the continuation of the process to take him with them.

The fear of Rajan Tiwari in the two UP-Bihar
Rajan Tiwari is one such Bahubali who has been in UP and Bihar states. Born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, Rajan Tiwari took the path of crime from his college days. By joining the gang of notorious UP gangster Shriprakash Shukla, Rajan Tiwari had made it clear during his youth that he would follow this path. For the first time, Rajan Tiwari rose to national fame when his name appeared in the attack on UP government MP Virendra Pratap Shahi. Virendra Pratap Shahi, who was the MLA of Laxmipur assembly seat of Maharajganj of UP, was originally a resident of Gorakhpur Cantt. On October 24, 1996, while driving home from Golghar’s office, when he came near a lodge in Cantt, his car was shot at by miscreants. Shahi was shot in the thigh during the attack. But his gunner Jayaram was killed. Four people, including Sriprakash Shukla and Rajan Tiwari, have been charged in this incident. However, Rajan Tiwari was acquitted in 2014 due to lack of evidence.

The Bahubali, whom UP-Bihar police are washing their hands behind, want to be ‘holy’ on a BJP ticket.

Rajan Tiwari fled to Bihar after meeting Sriprakash Shukla in Uttar Pradesh. Coming here, he again formed a gang. Due to fear of UP police, Rajan Tiwari started running his fear empire while staying in Bihar. Meanwhile, Rajan Tiwari’s name appeared in the murder of Brijbihari Prasad, a Bihar government minister. In this murder case, Rajan Tiwari was also sentenced to life imprisonment by the Magistrate Court, but due to lack of evidence, he was acquitted in 2014 by the Patna High Court.
The tantrik who asked Shriprakash Shukla – how many human sacrifices have been given so far? Complete the number 101, you will be invincible
Rajan Tiwari was jailed for 15 years and four months in the Brijbihari Prasad murder case, but his influence remained in the halls of politics. The reason was that before going to jail, Rajan Tiwari wore Khadi to hide the stain on him. He became active in politics. This is the reason why he remained active in politics before going to prison and even after his release.

Reporting: Abha Singh


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