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Balendu Bhushan Singh: Transfer of DIG Balendu Bhushan, who made 28 arrests during anti-Sikh riots, Sikh society protests



Kanpur: Kanpur in UP also bore the brunt of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. 38 years have passed since the anti-Sikh riots. There was hope for justice in the families who lost their lives in the riots. The SIT was formed in 1984 to investigate anti-Sikh riots. Command of the SIT was given to DIG Balendu Bhushan. During the anti-Sikh riots in Kanpur, 127 people were brutally murdered. The cases were investigated under DIG Balendu Bhushan, in which 28 defendants were arrested and sent to jail. The government transferred Balendu Bhushan on Friday. Which was opposed by the Sikh community and the BJP Minority Front.

Anti-Sikh riots broke out in Kanpur after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in which 127 Sikhs were brutally murdered. The SIT was constituted by the state government on May 27, 2019 to bring justice to those who lost their lives in the riots. When the SIT opened the investigation, it learned that 40 cases had been registered in the murder of 127 Sikhs. Evidence of 14 cases was found in the SIT investigation which lasted three years, while an indictment is to be filed in 09 cases. Of the 94 identified accused, 74 are alive. 20 defendants died, in which the statements of 147 people were made.

Who is DIG Balendu Bhushan
IPS Balendu Bhushan is one of the sharp officers of the UP. Balendu Bhushan Singh is an IPS officer of 2009 batch. Balendu Bhushan was born on 15th June 1963 in Pratapgarh, UP. Balendu Bhushan belongs to the Rajwade Khan of Pratapgarh. After completing a master’s degree in geography, he prepared for the Indian police service. Balendu Bhushan was given command of the SIT to investigate the anti-Sikh riots. Previously, Balendu Bhushan managed the captaincy of many districts.

The BJP minority and the Sikh community protested the transfer
BJP Minority Morcha Regional Minister Neetu Singh and the Sikh community have written to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asking him to stop the transfer of DIG Balendu Bhushan. Neetu Singh said in the letter that under the leadership of SIT leader Balendu Bhushan, the work of arresting those accused of anti-Sikh riots was continuing. When the work of arresting the accused is in progress. Meanwhile, the transfer of Balendu Bhushan will stop the arrests. The accused will succeed in his escape attempt.

Balendu Bhushan is expected to stay until all defendants are arrested.
The head of the SIT, Balendu Bhushan, arrested the accused with his team day and night. Those accused of anti-Sikh riots also tried to pressure the SIT leader, but Balendu Bhushan came under no pressure. He took his responsibility very well. In such circumstances, it is necessary to stop their transfer. BJP Regional Minister Neetu Singh said until all the accused are arrested. SIT leader Balendu Bhushan is expected to be retained.
Admission – Sumit Sharma

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