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Banda News: DM-SP Searched Mukhtar Ansari Mafia Barracks At Midnight, Quick Action Lasted Two Hours



Anil Singh, Banda: Police Superintendent Abhinandan and District Officer Deepa Ranjan suddenly arrived at Mandal Jail in Banda on Tuesday evening with a large police force. After that, a thorough search of each barracks was conducted inside the prison. The barracks of the Mukhtar Ansari mafia was also searched by security personnel. Also, after checking the CCTV cameras, Mukhtar’s activities were seen from the control room. This action continued until about 2 p.m. During this raid, the police found no objectionable objects.

Briefing on this, Police Commissioner Abhinandan said that around 11:30 p.m. we started a surprise inspection of the prison with the district officer. During the inspection, all prison barracks were thoroughly searched. Meanwhile, the barracks of imprisoned Mukhtar Ansari was also rebuilt. Along with this, the CCTV cameras installed in the security of the prison were checked. After that, Mukhtar Ansari’s activities were also inspected from the control room.

Regarding the guerrilla action, he said that the district officer and I still carry out surprise inspections of the prison from time to time. This inspection is also part of this action. According to the superintendent of police, during the inspection, the activities of people living next to the prison and the information of new people were also obtained. Similarly, interviews were held with prison officials about people meeting inmates in the prison.

The SP said clear instructions were given to the prison director that no one should be allowed to meet the prisoners without proof of identity. If anyone’s activities are found to be suspicious among people who come to meet in the jail, the information should be immediately made available to the Kotwali, town or police commissioner’s office. He admitted that the raid operation lasted about 2-2.5 hours, but no objectionable objects were found during that time.

Let us inform that Nikhat Ansari, the daughter-in-law of the mafia Mukhtar Ansari, was recently arrested for having secretly met her husband Abbas Ansari in Chitrakoot prison. After that, the STF started investigating the horoscope of people who helped Abbas Ansari and his wife. In this episode, 2 days ago, STF raided the house of SP leader and entrepreneur Rafiqushmad. Where the STF took the contractor’s son and his wife with them. This family is believed to be the help of Mukhtar Ansari and his son. The guerrilla action in the prison is also believed to be part of this episode.