Banda News: Wife cheats using fake husband in banda withdraw two lakhs from pm awas yojana

Banda News: Wife cheats using fake husband in banda withdraw two lakhs from pm awas yojana

To attach: A woman made many people a victim of fraud by using the names of fake husbands. This woman grabbed two lakh rupees from the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban). Upon investigation, not only was this woman found to be a fraud, but she changed her husband’s name as well as her name repeatedly with the intention of tricking people and stealing government money. . Now the DUDA department is going to recover the two lakh rupees stolen from this woman.

2 lakh withdrawn in PM Awas Yojana
This case concerns Banda district in Uttar Pradesh. This woman named Asha residing in Gayatri Nagar Chamraudi of Kotwali city applied for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in February 2019 in Naraini tehsil. He received the first installment of Rs 50,000 in August 2019 and in December of the same year, another installment of Rs 1.5 lakh was transferred to his account. In the meantime, complaints began to arrive against this woman, in which she was described as a fraudster. Therefore, before releasing the final installment, the department had the woman investigated by the tehsil. The investigation revealed that this woman is in fact a fraud. He siphoned off government money using a fake husband’s name. Confirming this, the head of the District Urban Development Agency, RK Jain, said the money would be recovered from the woman. A notice was given to him for this, but he did not receive the notice. From now on, the recovery will be done through the revenue department.

Rajkumar Dhuria said I am not a husband
On the other hand, to profit from this scheme, this woman used the name of her husband, Rajkumar Dhuria. In this regard, Rajkumar Dhuria provided an affidavit and stated that I was not her husband. He misled the authorities by misusing my name. Likewise, this woman has made many other victims of fraud by using her husband’s name. Bachi Lal Kushwaha from the locality of Gayatri Nagar had filed a complaint against this woman in 2019. In which her husband’s name is registered as Lovelesh Kushwaha. Similarly, in many other instances, she wrote her husband’s name as Rajkumar Jamadar. Rajkumar Dhuria has asked the police to take action against the woman in the case.

The father also told his daughter about the fraud
Bhola Prasad son of Kotwali City, Late. In the affidavit sent to senior officials, Chhota described her daughter Asha as a blackmailer. He said that being fed up with his exploits, I ended all relationship with my daughter. According to the father, he trapped many people under the guise of Scheduled Caste Law and extorted huge sums of money from them.

The stepmother ran away from home
The real husband of the fraudster is Kamlesh Kumar, son of Ratiram, resident of Amara village police station, Jaspura district, Banda. This person also provided an affidavit to the District Magistrate that I was married to Asha on February 16, 2003. The wedding took place in Parshuram Talab locality of the city. After the wedding, I had come to the police station of my village Amara Jaspura with my wife Asha daughter Bhola. After staying in the village for a few days, he came to Banda in search of work and started working on the roads in 2004. During this time, the woman’s driving was not good. After a few days, I came to Kanpur with my wife. Here too, his attitude was not good, because of which I also distanced myself from my wife. Because of all the woman’s immoral acts, even my parents didn’t keep her at home. Now this woman is known as the wife of Lovelesh Kushwaha in Gayatri Nagar. It is unknown who Lovelesh Kushwaha is, but at this time the wife is cheating by using the name Rajkumar Dhuria. The prince revealed this by giving an affidavit that he is not her husband. Currently, this woman is missing. Duda’s department is pitching in for the recovery.
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