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Bareilly News: Scheduled caste members were chased out of Bhandara in Bareilly, FIR against three brothers – Scheduled caste members were chased out of Bhandara in Bareilly fir against three brothers



Barilly: In Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh, Tehsil Amla village of Rajpur Kalan, Scheduled Caste organizers, when they came to eat prasad at the end of the recitation of Shrimad Bhagwat, were chased away by the organizers. There was also controversy over discrimination. Late Sunday night, police filed an FIR against the three defendants in the case.

The case is reported on January 26. On this day, Bhandara was held on the last day of recitation of Shrimad Bhagwat at the premises of Kali temple in the village. Villagers from all caste groups had cooperated in Bhandara by donating, so people from scheduled castes also reached Bhandara, but they were asked to sit separately, there was a dispute that subject. It is claimed that he was banished from it. The aggrieved party went the same day to Aliganj police station to complain about this discrimination, but was not heard.
After getting the information, former Bhim Army Divisional Officer Bareilly Mandal Ajay reached the village with the senior officials. Officials have warned police that if no action is taken, there will be unrest. Thereupon, police filed a report against three real Sundarlal brothers, Roshan Maurya and Nanhe Maurya under SC/ST law late Sunday night.

Bareilly Rural Police Superintendent Rajkumar Agarwal said a case was registered in the case late on Sunday evening. The scrutineer will be CO Amla Deep Shikha. Action will be taken after a fair investigation.

The accused said – was asked to sit separately

According to the police, on the first day after receiving the Tahrir, the investigation was carried out by calling the other party. Then the accused said that they had seated these people separately with respect, had not chased them away. They were told that they would be served food there, and then these people got angry and left. Later, he also apologized.
Report – RB Lal