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Bareilly: The Shree Tapeshwarnath temple located at Subhashnagar of Nath Nagri is one of the ancient temples of Bareilly. The belief of this temple is that here many sages and sages had pleased Lord Bholenath by doing severe penance. Satisfied with their penance, only at this penance place Appeared Lord Shiva was called as Tapeshwarnath.

Vishan Sharma, the chief priest of the Tapeshwar Nath temple, says that a disciple of the revered Dhruma Rishi had done penance here for hundreds of years. Seeing his devotion, Lord Shiva resided here and since then this temple has become famous as Tapeshwarnath. A story is also spread about it that today the place where Lord Shankar’s Shivling is established. Previously, there was a cave in which a Baba had meditated for 400 years. After which his whole body had hair like a bear. That’s why people started calling him Bhalu Das Baba. Later Baba Munishwar Das and Ram Tehal Das ji also did penance here and pleased Lord Bholenath.

Shivling appeared under the Peepal tree
Shri Tapeshwar Nath temple, one of the seven Nath temples, is said to have been established before the colonization of the town of Bareilly. A large number of devotees believe in this temple. Vishan Sharma, the priest of the temple, said that the place where this Tapeshwar Nath temple stands today. Ganga flowed there hundreds of years ago. Because of which the ground here always looks sandy. Which proves it. A dense Shivling Bamboo Forest has appeared under the Peepal Tree. Those who became known as Tapeshwar Nath. For hundreds of years harsh penance has been practiced here and this order of penance is still there. For this reason, the temple later became famous as Shri Tapeshwar Nath Temple.

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FIRST POST: Mar 05, 2023, 7:24 p.m. HST