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Basant Panchami: Heading to Sangam in the rain, even the weather couldn’t deter faith, thousands bathed



Basant Panchami: Devotees thronged to Basant Panchami, the fourth major bathing festival of the Magh Mela, the confluence of spirituality and faith, at Tirtharaj Prayagraj. At the right time, the bathers of the 16 ghats, including Sangam, plunged their faith into Triveni.

Prayagraj: This time on Basant Panchami, four rare yogas meet. By applying Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga and delving into virtue in this way, the yoga of eradicating the three types of sins from mind, word and deed has been achieved. On the occasion of Prakatyotsav of Maa Saraswati, the immersion of virtue in the Sangam made Siddhi and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga. Shiva Yoga and Ravi Yoga are also available on auspicious days. In such a situation, the combination of auspicious planets makes this bath festival a very auspicious time for Siddha Yoga. Seeing this, thousands of devotees plunge into faith in Triveni.

faith in the rain

In Prayagraj, this happened intermittently from late Wednesday evening until 9 a.m. on Thursday. Even after the rain, the devotees’ faith did not waver and a large number of devotees arrived for the bath. Devotees took the help of foil, bag, shawl, umbrella, etc. to avoid the rain. Large numbers of people continued to move on flooded roads and tracks in the Magh Mela area. He kept getting wet and cold, but there was no lessening of his enthusiasm and faith. Even after facing the double whammy of rain, cold and melting, the footsteps of devotees continued to head towards the Sangam.

fires are burning everywhere

Given the drop in temperature for several days, bonfires have also been set up in various places throughout the fair area to protect worshipers and bathers from the cold. After the bath, many devotees sat by the bonfire to beat the cold. Those who had come to the ghats in advance, they continued to heat the fire until the proper time.

Maghi Purnima will be the fifth big bath on February 5

After Basant Panchami at Magh Mela, the fifth bath party will be Maghi Purnima on February 5th. After the Maghi Purnima bath, a month of Kalpavasis will be completed with Magh Mela. After completing their worship lessons, they will start returning home after receiving the blessings of the guru. Magh Mela will end on February 18, 2023 after the Mahashivaratri bath.
Report – Shivpujan Singh

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