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Before becoming president, Ramnath Kovind staged a sit-in to stop the train



Kanpur Dehat: Another big gift was received as soon as the Kanpur-Jhansi railway line doubling works are completed. Now the green signal has been received from the Board of Railways to stop three express trains at Pukhrayan station on this route. Gorakhpur Panvel Express stopped on Wednesday. After that, Union Minister of State Bhanu Pratap Verma and Cabinet Minister Rakesh Sachan left the train for Lucknow. The 21 lakh population of the district will benefit from stopping the trains. Ramnath Kovind organized a sit-in demanding that these trains be stopped. He was then a former member of the Rajya Sabha. During his tenure as President, he summoned the Chairman of the Board of Railways and asked him to ensure the trains stopped.

The town of Pukhrayan of the district is very important from the point of view of trade. There is Kanpur-Jhansi highway on one side of this town. On the other side is the Kanpur Jhansi railway line. It speeds up trading activities from here, but due to important trains not stopping, traders were getting upset. The request to stop the trains had been made for a long time.

Ramnath Kovind had organized a sit-in before becoming president
The city of Pukhrayan is the hub of business. Before becoming president, Ramnath Kovind was fully active in politics in this region. He used to fight for the development of this region during his stay in Rajya Sabha. The biggest problem here was that the express trains didn’t stop. His demand has steadily increased. Due to the non-stopping of express trains, business activities could not be accelerated. People had to travel to Kanpur or Orai to catch trains to go to Mumbai, Chennai and other major cities. On January 8, 2014, Ramnath Kovind staged a protest at Pukhrayan railway station demanding the stop of express trains. Said that after the formation of the government in the center, he would ensure the stopping of the trains.

MP Bhanu Pratap Verma also participated in dharna with him. Bhanu Pratap Verma is now Minister of State for Small Industries in the Central Government. When Ram Nath Kovind became president, his relatives reminded him of the dharna given for stopping the trains. Thereupon, on June 15, 2022, he called the President of the Board of Railways and asked him to ensure the trains were stopped. Then, the work of doubling the Jhansi railway line continued. The president had assured the then president that he would ensure the stop as soon as the work to double the railway line was completed. Just last week, the doubling of the line was completed. However, on February 13, the president of the railways approved the stop.

The identity of the district is also outside the country
As an industrial zone, Kanpur Dehat district is also found in other countries along with the country. The reason is that many big foreign companies like Nerolac and Pepsico operate here. It is a very important district from the commercial point of view. It is connected to the border of the metropolis of Kanpur, two highways have exited from here. With Kanpur-Jhansi and Kanpur-Etawah. Similarly, Delhi Howrah and Kanpur Jhansi are two railways. Many renowned factories in the country operate in the industrial zones of Raniya and Jainpur.

The Cabinet Minister had also demanded from the Minister of Railways
Rakesh Sachan, Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the State Government, Khadi and Village Industries, Silk Industry, Hand Weaving and Textiles, met with Minister of Railway Communications, Electronics and Technology information Ashwani Vaishnav at Pukhrayan station, regarding the request to stop the trains at Pukhrayan city, I had demanded the stop of the express trains. The Minister of the Government of India had assured them to ensure their stay soon.

Know when which train will stop
Gorakhpur Panvel (Mumbai) Express will stop five days a week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On the other hand, Lucknow-Chennai will stop for two days on Monday and Thursday. Lucknow-Pune Express will stop once a week every Wednesday. The instructions of the president of the railways were implemented immediately.