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Betting game, 15 apps and cheats worth millions… 11 countries together want to spread naxalism and terrorism in India!



Naxal Terrorist India App Funding: Noida Police received information about about 15 apps related to fraud with apps and online betting. It is feared that about 11 countries are involved in this project. In addition, fraud money is sent to Maoists in Naxal-affected areas. In such situation, it can be used to increase terrorist and Naxalite activities in India.

naxal terrorism financing mobile app fraud
Naxal Funding, Terrorist Activities Via App Fraud

strong points

  • Money from mobile app fraud will spread terrorism in India
  • 11 countries linked to numerous app frauds, millions of rupees were embezzled
  • Suspicions of financing Naxal and terrorist activities
Arun Maurya, Noida: Be vigilant if you also gamble and gamble on online apps and social media groups. By applying a small sum on this type of application, you recover several times, but when the amount invested in bets becomes large, then the game of cheating begins. Recently, the Sector 39 police had dismantled an international gambling racket operating online betting from Sector 108. In the investigation, the police are getting new information every day. The gang’s links have been found in approximately 10 states across the country as well as 11 countries. The investigation revealed that Rs 100 crore was transferred from some business accounts recovered from the accused to accounts in Gujarat. Along with this, the police are receiving reports that the fraud money is being sent to the Maoists through different apps. It is feared that it will also be used to increase Naxal activities and terrorists.

According to Noida Police officials, the dismantled online gambling racket in Sector 108 is originally linked to Jhansi. The investigation revealed that the fraudsters involved in the gang were using around 15 other apps along with the Mahadeva app to commit the fraud. An investigation was also launched about them. The network of the gang is also extended abroad. For this reason, the General Directorate of Crime and central investigative agencies will now also be involved in its investigation. Besides Mahadeva App, Anna App, Reddy App, Satta, Natraj, Cricket Bet, Fair Play, Maza Play, Perry Match, Betway, Ulf 777, Share Play, 1X Bet in App also know betting. . Police teams have opened an investigation into all these applications.

400 crore transaction

Some of the defendants detained by the police also became aware of the involvement of people in large-scale online gambling on all these applications. About sixty online trading accounts were recovered from the accused. Transactions of around Rs 400 crore were detected on all these accounts. During the investigation Rs 100 crore was also transferred from some accounts in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Bets were also happening in equestrian and IPL

A senior investigator said that during the investigation it was discovered that gang leader Saurabh Chandrakar, Ravi Utpal, Atul Agarwal maintained a nationwide online gambling network with a dozen apps. After trapping youngsters into greed to earn less effort and more profit, they tricked them into spending money betting online on cricket, horse racing, election, football and other games. other mega events through fake apps developed by them. According to the police officer, hundreds of thousands of youths from Uttar Pradesh as well as Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Telangana, Andhra and Madhya Pradesh have been defrauded after falling in the clutches of this gang. According to law enforcement sources, the arrested gang was also using hundreds of crores of rupees obtained through fraud in numerous illegal activities.

Maoists secure funding in Naxal region

According to sources, reports have also been received of the use of these rupees in the purchase of illegal drugs, money laundering and financing of the Maoists in the areas affected by Naxal. The peculiarity is that in places where people have been deceived on a large scale by this application. All of these areas are Naxalite affected areas. The respective state police in all of these locations have arrested over 2 dozen people associated with the gang. However, the masterminds are still sitting far from the grasp of the police.

bookmakers conference held at dubai hotel

According to sources, Saurabh Chandrakar, the mastermind of the gang, called his agents spread across different states to a hotel in Dubai. Here, the defendants had prepared to strengthen their network of fraud as well as to enlarge it. Legal experts had also joined the defendants, who also told them about gambling law in the country. Let us tell you that so far it has been discovered in the investigation, all the big masterminds of the gang were doing this game of chance while sitting in Dubai. Noida DCP Harish Chander said that in the investigation of the international gambling fraud gang, his sons spread to foreign countries. Preparations are underway to involve the Crime Branch and other central agencies in the investigation of the gang, so that the leader of the gang can be quickly arrested.

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