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Beware of adulterated paneer, ghee and sweets in Holi, check yourself, food service takes samples in Noida



Naida: To earn more on Holi, vendors of adulterated food items are active. The district food department investigates and takes samples from the confectionery, but it takes about a month to get their report. Meanwhile, their sales continue. If the samples do not reach the laboratory report, the department only takes precise measures.

There is a high possibility of adulteration in things like milk, paneer, salty, mawa, papad, khoya, and maida. If you go to buy candies on Holi, you can identify the purity yourself. According to doctors, eating adulterated things has serious health effects. Last year, 26 out of 46 samples failed. A fine of over Rs 11 lakh has been imposed on those selling adulterated products.

There’s no adulteration like that, is there?
1. To identify the original, put sugar in the Mawa and heat it. If after doing this, mawa starts releasing water, then understand that it is wrong. The taste of real Mawa will be like raw milk.

2. To identify market-bought milk, put three to four drops of tincture of iodine in it. If the color of the milk is blue, it is adulterated. If the color does not change, there is no adulteration in the milk.

3. Pour water into a container and heat a piece of paneer in it. When the paneer dissolves in water, add three to four drops of tincture of iodine to it as well. If the color of the milk changes, then the paneer is adulterated.

4. To identify ghee, rub it on the palm. Real ghee will evaporate and if it is fake or adulterated it will start to smell bad.

Archana Dheeran, Designated Officer of Gautam Budh Nagar District, Archana Dheeran said samples of sweets and foodstuffs are taken daily and sent to Lucknow lab for testing. If the demand for sweets and dairy products is high during holidays, the possibility of adulteration is also high. If the samples fail, action is taken according to the rules.