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Bhopal Ujjain Train Blast: Know how NIA ATS reached Kanpur terrorists who blew up Bhopal-Ujjain train in Madhya Pradesh



Bhopal Ujjain Passenger Blast case: NIA-ATS court sentenced 7 terrorists associated with ISIS to death. After that, that awful scene from about 7 years ago started to come to mind again. The investigative agencies managed to reach the indigenous module of the IS planning explosion in Bhopal-Ujjain and plan explosions across the country.

Nia ATS Court Order

strong points

  • ISIS indigenous module was captured in Kanpur in 2017
  • Internet activities have come under the scanner of the investigative agency
  • Turning to extremism, he began to run the incident
Kanpur: After the execution of seven convicts in a train bombing in Madhya Pradesh in 2017, the horrific form of terror came to mind again. According to sources, before 2017, all the boys involved in the case used to continuously read and search the Islamic State website and materials related to extremism on the Internet. Security agencies caught them on the radar. These young people were not at home after the explosion of a train in Madhya Pradesh. After that, the suspicions were confirmed and all were arrested. Sources said that among the boys arrested in Kanpur, Atif Muzaffar turned out to be the most dangerous ideology. Studied at Aligarh Muslim University, Atif Farratedar speaks English. He radicalized himself via the Internet and other means.

Atif’s family belongs to Barelvi Maslak, but Atif started following the Wahhabi ideology. He lived in his house, but rarely interacted with family members. Atif read IS magazine a lot on the Internet. Impressed by this, he launched his own e-magazine. The brainwashing materials were in a very well-designed e-book. Boys joining her group were given this e-book to read.

Atif is so cunning that he used to answer all questions from security agencies very easily. His thoughts were very clear. But he used to get tricked into cross-quests. When the agencies searched all the boys’ laptops, computers and cell phones, shocking information was found. The digital details helped put an end to the criminals. Sources say that the think tank for this motivated group was Gaus Mohammad, a retired Air Force employee, while the task of carrying out all the plans was given to Atif.

lied to families

Atif, Gaus and others attempted to cross the border through Jammu and Kashmir. Failing there, he also went to Jaisalmer. After that, he tried to go to Bangladesh via the Sundarbans, but all efforts failed. Meanwhile, all the people had gone home saying they were going to Mumbai. But after that he used to travel between Kanpur and Lucknow to carry out his business.

The MP departed from Kanpur

According to sources, the agencies had learned during the initial investigation itself that all the boys from Kanpur had gone to Madhya Pradesh to plant the bombs. Most of the boys captured in Kanpur are parents.

left your children

Ghaus Mohammad, retired from the air force, has a house on the mound in Jajmau. He wanted to do Jihad with indigenous resources while staying in India. Gauss was also instrumental in brainwashing the boys. Gaus also had children, but he did not direct them towards fundamentalism. When the agencies asked Gaus about it, his response was that not everyone is so lucky.

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