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BJP’s Jaipal Singh hat trick on Bareilly-Moradabad graduates seat, 9 candidates deposits including SP lost – mlc 2023 election results



Barilly: The Bharatiya Janata Party maintained its dominance in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council elections. In contrast, the Samajwadi party faced a bad defeat. In the graduate constituency of the Bareilly-Moradabad bloc, BJP candidate Jaipal Singh Busy scored a hat-trick by a huge margin. He beat PS candidate Shiv Pratap Singh Yadav by 51,257 votes. The BJP has won this seat continuously since 1986. The counting of votes for the MLC graduate seat, which began on Thursday morning, continued until Friday morning. On Friday morning, Electoral Officer/Commissioner Samyukta Samaddar presented the certificate to winning candidate Jaipal Singh Busy. This is the eighth win for the BJP in the Bareilly-Moradabad bloc graduates seat.

SP candidate Shiv Pratap Singh Yadav was only able to get 14,922 votes in the election and couldn’t even save his bail. A total of 10 candidates were in the running in the electoral field, in which the deposits of 9, including the PS candidate, were confiscated. The BJP candidate got a total of 66,179 votes while his closest rival Shiv Pratap Singh Yadav got 14,922 votes. In seven rounds, 92,771 votes were counted.
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BJP occupation since 1986
In the elections held in 1986, Dr. Naipal Singh of the BJP won the first victory in this seat. He won the elections for this seat five times in a row until 2010. After being elected MP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the party fielded Dr. Jaipal Singh in the by-elections held the same year. Since then, he has won two consecutive elections. He has now won for the third time.

the qualified voter has always voted badly
92,771 votes were polled in the graduates constituency of the Bareilly-Moradabad block. Only graduate voters can participate in MLC graduate elections. It is less expected that he votes wrongly but 6216 voters voted wrongly. Due to which their votes were annulled.

Report – RB Lal