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Body of missing girl found in Kanpur



Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: A sensational case has been revealed in Kanpur in UP. A 6-year-old girl who has been missing for three days has been kidnapped and murdered. On Tuesday evening, children playing in the fields saw dogs scratching a corpse. He immediately informed his family members. The missing girl’s parents and a crowd of villagers gathered. The girl’s t-shirt, long legs and slippers were found some distance from the body. After that, there was chaos in the village. The villagers clashed with the police who reached the place. Somehow, the police appeased the villagers, took possession of the body and sent it for autopsy.

Pankaj Shankhwar, who lives in Raipura village located in the Sajeti police station area, works as a farmer. Pankaj is survived by his wife Baby, son Avinash (08), daughter Janhvi (06), one has twin daughters. Jhanvi had gone to buy caramels at a nearby store on the evening of February 25 (Saturday). The girl did not return home after that. The family continued to search for the girl until midnight, but nothing was found for her. Relatives informed police of the girl’s disappearance after midnight.

the police continued to question

The girl’s family members had filed a kidnapping FIR against Chandrabhan, wife Sudha, brother Sultan, father Ramprakash living in the village. The police arrested everyone and interrogated them, but the police failed to get them to reveal the secret. Meanwhile, while playing on Tuesday, the children saw the girl’s corpse lying in Ramji’s field, 100 meters from the village.

Police Negligence Allegations

The girl’s body was found in a mutilated state on Tuesday. Relatives accused the police of negligence. Relatives say police continued to question her in custody, but were unable to save her daughter’s life. During the interrogation, the police found a discrepancy in the statements of Pankaj and his wife Baby. The police suspected that Pankaj’s family hid the girl somewhere to trap Chandrabhan. For this reason, the police remained negligent.

Clothes found 50 meters from the body

The police investigation revealed that the girl’s t-shirt, leggings and flip-flops were found under a tree 50 meters away from the body. In such a situation, the question arises that if the girl had to be killed, then why did she take off her clothes. Relatives also express their apprehension of rape. The police found the head and chest of the girl’s body. Rape cannot be confirmed in this situation.

Dispute with Chandrabhan’s family

The girl’s father, Pankaj, had accused Chandrabhan’s family of kidnapping. There has been an argument between the families of Pankaj and Chandrabhan over the past 15 days. In fact, Pankaj’s aunt is a worker from Anganwadi. Food grains were stolen from the Anganwadi a week ago. Pankaj had accused Chandrabhan of theft. The police had recovered food grains from Chandrabhan’s house, and Chandrabhan’s father had been arrested.

According to DCP Salman Taj Patil, family members accused him of kidnapping. All requests are pending. The investigation is ongoing increasing the murder section in the registered case. The girl’s body was sent for an autopsy. Along with this, the forensic team also collected evidence.