bsp chief udayveer singh gautam was assassinated by a property dealer

bsp chief udayveer singh gautam was assassinated by a property dealer

Aligarh: Police have made a shocking revelation in the case of the death of a BSP leader residing in Chhara town of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, he was murdered. His property dealer friend was behind the murder. The head of the BSP was killed while giving a betel nut because of a land dispute. We tried to present the murder as a road accident. Police arrested four killers, including a father and son, and sent them to jail. Meanwhile, Rs 1.50 lakh used in betel nut was also recovered.

that’s the whole deal
BSP leader Udayveer Singh Gautam (55), a Mohalla Pathanan resident of Charra, had gone out for a walk on Atrauli road from his home in the early hours of July 30 as usual. On the way, an unidentified vehicle crashed from behind near a private school located in front of Galla Mandi. He died in a road accident. Kotwali Inspector DK Sisodia said the mastermind behind the incident was real estate dealer Ranjan Gupta. Ranjan Gupta had a two-decade-old friendship with BSP leader Udayveer Singh Gautam. Ranjan Gupta had purchased land in 2006 for Rs 1.25 lakh which was done in the name of Udayveer Singh Gautam. At present, the price of the place is around Rs 1.50 crore. Seeing the rise in prices, the leader of the BSP refused to return the land. Due to which there was a dispute between the two on several occasions, but the head of the BSP refused to return the land. Hurt by this, Ranjan Gupta and Shakeel, a resident of Atrauli, planned to kill the leader of the BSP. Shakeel took a betel nut of Rs 1.50 lakh for the murder. Ranjan Gupta’s son Arpit is also involved in the plot. Shakeel gave one lakh rupees to truck driver Irfan for killing the BSP leader and kept 50,000 rupees himself. During police questioning, Ranjan Gupta said the incident took place on July 30 while doing a reconnaissance.

Police had opened an investigation regarding the incident as suspicious.
On complaint from relatives, the police opened an investigation considering the incident as suspicious. Kotwali Inspector DK Sisodia said family members of the BSP chief had expressed suspicions regarding the incident on a person from the town itself. An investigation into the incident was opened by forming a team immediately. Images from CCTV cameras installed near the spot were scanned. A truck caught on camera was investigated. Based on the truck registration number, the police reached the owner of the truck. From there, the mastermind of the incident was traced. On Monday, the police team arrested the accused Ranjan Gupta, his son Arpit Gupta Mohalla resident Pathanan Charra, Shakeel resident Vaishipada Atrauli, Irfan resident Atrauli. A truck, mobile and one lakh rupees were recovered from truck driver Irfan. Fifty thousand rupees were recovered from Shakeel.
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