BSP MP Atul Rai’s problems have increased

BSP MP Atul Rai’s problems have increased

Prayagraj: In the Allahabad High Court, the government appealed the acquittal of BSP MP Atul Rai in the rape case. The hearing was scheduled for Friday, September 23. The divisional bench recused itself from hearing the MP’s case due to a lack of jurisdiction. The court ordered him to appear before the competent court. The court has set September 27 as the next hearing in the case. This order was given by a divisional bench consisting of Justice Ashwani Kumar Mishra and Justice Shiv Shankar.

On August 6, 2022, Varanasi MP Siyaram Chaurasia’s court granted BSP MP Atul Rai de Ghosi the benefit of the doubt for lack of evidence. The court acquitted him of rape and fraud charges. In this regard, the state government appealed the decision of the Court of Sessions to the High Court in Allahabad.

that was the whole deal
Atul Rai, a resident of Birpur village under Bhanwarkol Police Station in Ghazipur, met a former Ballia student residing at UP College in 2018. On May 1, 2019, the student filed a case against Atul Rai in Lanka police station alleging rape by taking him to an apartment in Chitaipur. In Tahrir, it was alleged that by taking a photo and video of the rape, Atul Rai blackmailed her and continued to rape her. When she resisted, threatened to kill her and her family.

MP is in jail
Atul Rai had gone to court on June 22, 2019 after being elected MP for Ghoshi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Since then, MP Atul Rai has been in jail.

The plaintiff set himself on fire with the witness
On August 16, 2021, the victim’s former student and his witness companion committed suicide while doing a Facebook live in front of the Supreme Court.


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