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Bulandshahr: British teacher taught astronomical science information to primary school students via zoom app – British teacher teaches astronomical science information to primary school students in bulandshahr up news



Bulandshahr: The UP government is constantly committed to promoting primary school education and high-tech manufacturing. In Dariyapur village primary school in Bulandshahr, pupils took information about astronomy from a British teacher via the zoom app. According to reports, British teachers have also joined the astronomy laboratory set up on Saturday at primary schools in the Dariyapur village of Sadar tehsil.

Giving information on this, Development Director Abhishek Pandey said that the British professor gave astronomical information to these children through the Zoom application. In addition to answering their questions. One of these larger classes was made by a British astronomical scientist during a zoom meeting. More than 6500 children participated in this class. The meeting was organized by Development Director Abhishek Pandey in collaboration with the British Embassy and the district administration. Astronomical laboratories have been established in 109 schools in the district. During the Zoom meeting, Professor Karel Mandel of the University of Bath, for about an hour and a half to two hours, gave information on astronomical sciences to primary school pupils from class I to class 8.

Other important information, including Galaxy, given to children
He gave information about galaxies, nebulae and black holes, how stars move through space, speed of light, starlight, speed of light, etc. to school students. At the end of the meeting, the schoolchildren also asked Professor Mandela questions, to which he answered simply.
Report – Varun Sharma
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